Thursday, July 10, 2014


Part 84
That day nobody was in a mood to talk on anything; actually all the three women were feeling very up set and Veena was furious about Mustaffa. Ibna, as if, accepted to keep silent was preferring to relax on her bed. Even though they were not conversing with each other they were deeply wondering about what they have to do next?
Intuitively Veena picks up her mobile and contacts Sharad. Sharad takes the call and asks why the call? Veena carefully asks him if he has seen the video. He tells her that he has not seen it and the video did not make any sense otherwise also since, they were talking in Arabic. Veena tells him that she wants him to come to her house and view it. Sharad accepts her invitation and tells her that after he is free from the work he will come to her apartment.
At late night Sharad comes to their house and they receive him. He was wondering about the reason for calling him so urgently. He so asks and Veena request him to first relax and asks Yamuna to get some fruit juice for him. Veena wanted to make the atmosphere easy. After some time, Sharad tells her while sipping fruit juice, that it is already very late and would like to go home. On that Yamuna tells him that he cannot go without taking supper. On that Ibna who was standing in the corner of the living room gives a smile but her smile reflects her sad mood more than any happiness; Sharad notices her sadness.
What is so urgent that you called me to see the video? Sharad asks.
"I beg your pardon for calling you at this late hour but Sharad, I felt that the matter needs an urgent attention. Before we talk on the matter I want you to see the video with speech correction. I got it done by an expert in this technique and now you can understand what the Arabs were talking about as now it is in English and not Arabic". Veena concluded.
"This must have cost you a lot of money, Veena?" Sharad exclaimed.
"Never mind it"! Veena said and opened the laptop to play the video.
Nobody was saying anything while the video was playing. As Sharad listened to the conversation he looked very tense, he was on and off looking to Ibna to see her reactions but she was not watching the video. She was looking out of the window at skies. After it was over they collected together and for a while there was eerie silence; then intuitively Yamuna called Sharad and said, "You see Sharad, we are all ladies here and feel very tense on these things happening around us. We want you to be in constant contact with us as a man's support, tell me, is it possible for you to help us"?
Why you people ask me such a question? I am always with you but this is a matter where we should consult police, if am I not mistaken". Sharad quips.
Veena looking to Sharad counter asks, "What to complain"?
Up till now nothing so happened that we may refer this matter to police, at least I feel so. Veena utters.
"In that case we better refer the matter to an advocate for legal advise". Sharad.
Veena does not reply to that as that was a better way to sort out the situation. Veena also thought on the same lines for a while however, at the same time she had misgivings that referring this matter to police or an advocate may not help Ibna but if these agencies begin to take this more urgently and set about to make inquiries with Mustaffa, things may become more complicated. Her other mind was suggesting to her that Sharad is correct and such matters are better taken up by the appropriate agency such as police; because, Mustaffa is planning to kidnap Ibna and that is the matter that deserves police attention. Moreover, he is planning to do harm to her, all these things are not something that one can handle in once personal capacity.
Veena was in two minds and at times felt very embarrassing but within her adventurous mind she was feeling that taking help of such agencies is not for her. She felt that she must deal the topic by her own daring style. Some doughty act that she wanted to do and prove to herself that a woman can manage Mustaffa. Going to police will not be any challenging and Veena wanted to prove to herself that she can teach this Arab a good lesson so that he will never even thing of looking to her friend, Ibna.
Veena wanted Sharad to join in her plan to put Mustaffa in a position that he will be exposed.

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