Friday, May 30, 2014


Part 83
Yakub pick up his bundle of notes and pushing it in his pocket with difficulty, since the bundle was very fat. Asks Mustaffa, "What you want us to do"?
Veena after seeing this much of the clip stops it and prefers to relax in her chair leaning her head on the back rest. The clip has already made her mad and more resolved to teach this Arab some real lessons. At the same time she was wondering about how a Prophet can think of woman, who gives him birth, in this style?
"What type of religion is it? Veena keeps wondering and more she ponders upon that more she becomes restless. Thoughts of simply killing this man begin to pop up in her mind; to which she tries to control.
"What shall this man of Devil do to my friend"? Veena rejects many disturbing thoughts those crop up in her mind.
Yamuna comes in her room and asks, "What is in that video"? Veena only tells her that she has not seen complete video. On hearing that Yamuna leaves the room allowing her to relax. Veena could not forget the way Yakub takes that fat bundle of currency and pushes it in his pocket. She utters to herself, "How selfish these men could be. If Ibna were his sister would he do this way"?
Yamuna after some time again enters her room and asks what is in that video. Veena repeats her answer, "I have not seen it completely".
This time Yamuna was not in a mood to relent and asks her to show it to her along with and insists for that. Veena asks her, "How is Ibna, is she sleeping"? Yamuna grudgingly utters that she is having fever. "I feel there is something very bad in this video and that is why I want to see it myself", Yamuna.
Veena opens her laptop and starts the video, this time they see it together. While they were seeing it, Ibna comes there and sits in the opposite chair, as if not wanting to see the video. Veena tells her that the version she has, shows the picture of the people actually talking in English and so better view of the event is available, she should see it. But Ibna shows no interest in it.
"Dear, Ibna do not lose heart you are not going to be in their hand at all". Yamuna assures her, on that Ibna comes to Yamuna and sits in her chair pushing her head like a small child in her laps. Yamuna caressing her hair gently continues to see the video. Veena smiles at the two with appreciation. The video continues and she comes to the place where she had stopped it.
In the next part of the video they see Mustaffa telling the two Arabs that according to their Prophet man is Allah for his women and so man can do anything he feels proper with his women, there is no sin in it.
On hearing this Yakub appears to have become much disturbed from his facial appearance but maintains calm, but the other fellow asks Mustaffa, what he plans to do next with Ibna?
"I have as yet, not decided to do what with this girl but if my surmise goes well, I very much feel that she has plans to stay put here for her life and since she has developed test for freedom she may even plan to marry some body from Hind; and that I cannot endure. She is mine and only mine and only I can have her. If I cannot get her then in the name of Allah and Islam you two shall help me in killing her right here. Nobody can marry an Arab girl other than an Arab man"!
Mustaffa looks very much angry and the way he was talking it appeared to Veena and Yamuna that he shall do what ever he says, come what may!
Mustaffa continues, "Before killing her I will enjoy her body to the fullest and if you two also want to enjoy, well you can also enjoy her nimble body and after we are satiated with that, kill her the most horrid death so that no woman should even for a moment think of betraying her Arab master, this is our prestige issue. I shall give her the hell-fire punishment in the name of our most merciful and compassionate Allah"!
On saying this, Mustaffa looks up as if he was looking to heaven and bows to show his loyalty to Allah.
After seeing this part Veena and Yamuna come to know why their Ibna became so much up set.
"So this is Mustaffa, typical barbaric Arab"; Veena exclaims, looking to Ibna who was as yet sitting with Yamuna and her head pushed in Yamuna's belly.
For some time there was complete silence in the room. Every body was contemplating about how to deal with this man?

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