Saturday, April 26, 2014


Part 81

After that Veena asks Ibna to hand over the pen-drive that contained the audio clip. Ibna without any resistance hands over that to Veena. Veena had some anxiety about what is in that conversation. She was anxious to know that and for that next day she took that pen drive to her one friend who knew Arabic very well. She explained to him the overall situation and asked him to give a translation of that conversation to her. Her friend knew Ibna because he was in someway associated with their corporation as a translator. He puts the pen drive in the laptop and carefully listens to it. As he listens to it his face becomes grim. This change in his face further adds to the anxiety for Veena. After he completes listening he looks to Veena and utters unexpectedly, "This man is a real demon. A typical Arab".
"What do you mean by this"? Veena asks.
"If you understand this conversation you will say the same thing, this man wants to kill your friend after molesting her sexually. He has no intentions of marrying her".
"Can you explain to me in details"? Veena quips.
That friend of Veena removes the pen drive from his laptop and hands it over to her while saying that he has already copied it on the laptop and his assistant will do the translation and give her the written copy tomorrow. Veena actually wanted to know of it right away but she could not pres for it as he was already obliging her by giving the translation and she decided to wait until the next day.
She returns to her office from there and the day was busy as usual but the thoughts of that conversation keep on disturbing her. Ibna had not come to office, she told her that she is not keeping well and would rest and would spend her time with Yamuna for a change. Ibna always felt comfortable in company of Aatyaa, Yamuna. That day was not good for them as they kept on wondering about what that man will plan next. There was no further inputs from the hotel. Veena and Ibna both were weary about Mustaffa. The very thought of this man disturbed them.
The day passes as usual full of office routine and Veena returns home. While returning she drops in at the office translator and to her pleasure she is greeted by the friend with an envelope containing some papers.
"What is it"? Veena asks.
"Well, this is translation of the conversation you gave me. I did it myself, since, it involves your friend, Ibna".
"How kind of you"! Veena greets him with pleasure. She asks for the cost of that work, he politely refuses any charges for that work saying, "This is not a professional work as usual. This is private help; I wish to give you people, I can be of use in this case in future, Veena, Let me tell you something of this man, whoever he is, be careful of him". Veena thanks him graciously and returns to her car. Now with much curiosity she was driving the car to reach home as early as possible. On reaching home first thing she wanted to do was to open it and read it. As she enters the apartment, she is greeted by Yamuna and waving the envelope Veena asks for Ibna.
"She is not well, she is sleeping in her room". Yamuna says.
Veena knew of her sickness and putting the envelope on the table goes in her room.
After making herself fresh and as Yamuna comes with the refreshments to eat she opens the envelope. There were a few pages and the conversation was between three people. From the callings they were Mustaffa, Yakub and Yemeni. Some name Veena had not heard of. She queries to herself who is this Yemeni?
Veena thinks to herself, should I call and wakeup Ibna to know who this fellow is? May be she also does not know of him. Slowly Veena eats up the refreshments Yamuna had put on the plate.
Yamuna was sitting in front of her on the table awaiting for what she reads of the conversation. Yamuna asks Veena, "should I call her to be here"?
"No, do not disturb her. She already knows what it is and that is why she is not well! Veena replies to Yamuna with sad grimace. This is for me. Let her relax. Now my work begins after reading this conversation". Veena was almost soliloquizing. Now it is me and this Mustaffa, Veena roars with violence clearly in her eyes.

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