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Part 80
Ibna feels very uncomfortable and begins to worry as she knew that her people are not kind to anybody who crosses their laws. She wanted Veena to go to Hotel and fetch the clipping so that she will listen to the Arabic conversation to understand what it is. She calls Sharad and tells him of that but here Sharad tells her that he is leaving forthwith as his duty ends for the day and if the women want, he can bring the copy to their house as it is on his way. This gives big relief to them and immediately Yamuna suggests to them that since Sharad is so helpful and without any return he was helping them it will be proper to invite him for the evening meals on that day. Both girls readily accept that suggestion. Now they are anxiously waiting for Sharad to come to their apartment.
Sharad comes as expected and they receive him with gratitude. He is a good young man and Yamuna wanted to know more of his family background. She continues to talk with him to get all information of his family. She comes to know from that, Sharad was from a village not very far from Ghatla village. What deeply impressed Yamuna was the piece of information that Sharad's grandfather was a shastri and would teach scriptures in village pathshaala (school). While Yamuna and Sharad were chatting on that topic two girls were busy with the audio clip. Veena could not understand anything of that conversation but she wanted to be there to watch facial expressions of her friend. From those expressions she would make out what is in that clip; and so she preferred to be with Ibna.
Sharad readily accepts the invitation of Yamuna for the evening meals and both Yamuna and Sharad prefer to be in the kitchen, while Yamuna was busy preparing some refreshments for all, Sharad asked if he could help her in that work, he told Yamuna that he knows cooking since he cooks his food at home. He had also told her that his mother was not keeping good health and that his father had died some three years ago. Sharad has joined the hotel not to be as room attender but finally he was going to be a chef. Much information about his future plans he was telling Yamuna and the innocence with which he was talking pleased the elderly lady. Sharad told her that present manager, brother of Veena's friend, Rashmi was a good boss and has promised him to be shifted to kitchen after he finishes his tenure as room attender. While the chatting was in full swing on the other side in Ibna's room both the girls were wanting to know the conversation. After listening to that as what Veena observed Ibna became very pale as if something very terrible she had listened. After the conversation was over and Ibna repeatedly wanted to listen to it to make certain things confirmed she put the earphone down and looked to Veena with exasperation on her face.
"What is the matter?" Veena asks.
Ibna keeps quiet, Veena repeats the question rather disturbed. "Why don't you say something, Ibna?" Veena says with some restlessness in her voice.
"Something very terrible, Veena this man is not a human but an embodiment of Satan", Ibna uttered impatiently.
"Why you are not clear about what was the talk?" Veena questions with certain degree of annoyance.
"Please do not feel uncomfortable you are absolutely safe here, he or anybody from your tribe can ever do any harm to you. You should not feel worried about yourself". Veena says with a voice of assurance.
Ibna looks to Veena with certain amount of surety and gives a very sad smile. That smile indicates that Mustaffa was not an easy man. However, that was not enough for her and she insists that Ibna should clearly say what that conversation is all about. Let me take a breathe," exclaims softly Ibna, putting her palm on her breast looking down she begins to tell.
Mustaffa was telling the other fellow that they should plan to take Ibna out of this country using a Dhow. He has asked to take help of local fishermen to do that. He told that man that whatever the money that fisherman may demand pay it but he wants Ibna out of this country at the earliest. He was about to arrange a Dhow that will carry her to Arabian coastline. All these days what Mustaffa was doing is all about that arrangement.
"What is new in that, we have already expected of this possibility, then why you feel so much annoyed at that? Veena asks Ibna.
"Do you know Veena, I was not expecting this from him, I must admit at this that Veena, I had some soft corner for him since he is an Arab and a friend of my father; after all that had happened nevertheless, I still had expected that he will be a reliable gentleman but from this conversation I have realized that this man is not a man worth the call. He is a demon.
"Why you say that if he wanted to take you out of this country, it does not mean he is a demon". Veena said causally, sensing that much of the conversation Ibna does not want to reveal to her and it is in that part of conversation, the reason for such drastic reaction remains. Veena decides to be patient for the time being and assures to ibna that it is not an easy task, assuring that they should complain about possible kidnap of Ibna to local police.

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