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Part 79
At home Ibna was waiting for them anxiously but she took every care to show as if she is not much bothered about all those things. She welcomes Veena and Yamuna and without wasting any time they reach their laptop and Veena inserts pen-drive to open those picture files. Veena sees Mustaffa moving in the room with his mobile in his hand as if waiting to receive some call. More shots pass by and nothing interesting comes up so Yamuna leisurely moves away to attend on other more important duties at home. Nevertheless Ibna and Veena continue to watch the show. They see Mustaffa holds on mobile and that shows that there was a call. He talks on it but they could not listen to anything as there was no voice. This disappoints both; after some shots Mustaffa begins to undress. At that Ibna gets up and also asks Veena to stop watching any further, but Veena nonchalantly refuses to move out and keep on watching it. This disturbs Ibna and intuitively she puts her palm on Veena's eyes to close them so that she will not be able to see those shots. Ibna shouts loudly and scolds Veena for what she was doing and warns her that she should not watch such shots. But Veena looks unmoved and without moving her eyes from the screen replies to Ibna that she wants to know everything of this man so that she can use that information whenever needed. This explanation does not convince her friend and Ibna restlessly runs to kitchen and requests Yamuna to scold Veena for what she was doing. Yamuna at first does not understand what the commotion is all about but when she comes to know of what her niece was doing she feels ashamed and gestures by putting her palm on her mouth. Both women do not approve of what Veena was doing but, Veena unmoved by those reactions continues to watch all the scene. Finally Mustaffa has changed and now he was in his house dress, usual Arab gown. After that it appears that he moves out of the room. There was nothing important after that to watch and since the camera was fitted with some special device due to what the shooting stops as there was no movement in that room.
Veena now looks to both women with certain amount of disdain on her face for them, sneering at them, she tells them that to know a person one must watch everything of him or her. Her this explanation does not satisfy any of them and they show total disapproval for the way she was watching a stranger undress.
"You mean to see his bottom for that?" Ibna retorts disdainfully.
"I shall do that also, if need be" Veena replies sternly.
After things cool down; Veena tells them that there was nothing very objectionable in those scenes. He was well dressed even after he removed his outer dress. He did not become completely nude and if he had done that then she promised that she would have stopped watching him but he was well covered and she wanted to see what types of under-dress he was using. This explanation in stead of convincing them on the contrary angered them and both of them told Veena that, something is wrong with her that she desires to watch a man in this way. The argument continues and after some time Ibna begins to wonder why she was so much disturbed by Veena's watching a man in this way. Actually now she began to feel that it would have been better had she also joined her in that watching session.
"Well so far we are not having any sensible information about why this man is here"; Veena exclaims, while closing the laptop. "I am contacting Sharad to know if he has fitted the sound device". Veena utters as if talking to self.
Ibna was more anxious to know of that and so before Veena could dial for Sharad she calls him and begins to talk with Sharad.
"Hello, Sharad, here I am Ibna your sister, please let me know if you have fitted the sound recording device?" Ibna inquires pretty loudly so that Veena can hear that.
Veena does not show any anger at that but she was rather amused for the way Ibna wanted to excel her in the operation. She keeps watching Ibna on the call and wanted to carefully observe gestures on her face. For some moment she does not show any appreciable change in her gestures but after some time she began to show some appreciable change in her gestures.
"Oh, what was that? Did you record it properly? Can we get that clip immediately?" Ibna's these remarks in her conversation with Sharad really disturb Veena, she wanted all that crucial information first hand to herself but here, that information was taken by Ibna, in a way Ibna had made some better move at that as if! It appeared to Yamuna that as if there was some sort of competition in the two girls in that who gets crucial information first! This amused the elderly woman and now all of them wanted to know what Sharad was telling to Ibna, that was crucial information. Actually they did not expect that some such information may come so soon.
After their conversation ends and Ibna puts the mobile down on the table, looking very pale she tells them that the sound recorder is fitted and the very first conversation that was recorded Sharad listen just out of curiosity to see if it is working properly. There he listens them saying something about Ibna and some words like kidnapping or like that. And Sharad feels that soon Mustaffa is going to do something to harm Ibna. He could not understand most of the conversation as it was in Arabic with only a few words in English.
Veena roars intuitively and suggests that she wanted to go to the Hotel and get that clip. It was a telephonic conversation and so visual clip was really not important. She also tells Ibna that all conversations in that room are going to give them some very important clue to Mustaffa's intentions.
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