Sunday, February 16, 2014


Part 78
Ibna keeps wondering about how sound recording is possible with an arrangement for shooting a snap per five seconds? For sound recording we need a recorder to continuously do recording of whatever sound that comes in that room. She keeps wondering and that her mood Veena's keen eyes do not miss. On repeated asking, Ibna tells of her worry to Veena. That puts her also in quandary. She decides to put that query to the shopper who was to give them a camera.
Veena phones to him and he tells them that there is one model from China that has similar arrangement. Interestingly that microphone is not very expensive and is also readily available. This settles the issue for the girls.
Veena and Yamuna reach the hotel after their tea at home and first meet Rashmi’s brother. After some casual talk they proceed to meet Sharad. Sharad welcomes them and putting his finger on his lips cautions them that Mustaffa is in the room. There were no people in the corridor and so he takes them into that narrow passage between the rooms. It was very narrow and for Yamuna it was very uncomfortable, however, she makes it and they reach the small window that opens in that room of Mustaffa. A small screen was attached to a camera that was installed in the hole provided to put it. Sharad puts on the viewing apparatus and the see Mustaffa doing some reading. At that time there were nobodies in that room and so the ladies were rather disappointed to get nothing substantial. Sharad whispers into Veena's ears and asks if shge wants to down load the recording and take it with them. Veena silently nods for that and hands over her pen drive. Sharad puts it in the slot and in no time all recordings until them come on the pen drive. He hands it over to her and points to them silently that now they should move out of that place. Sharad was first to come out of that narrow passage, the he looks around and then signs to them to come out. The very first mission was almost successful. Veena thanks him for his co-operation and invites him for lunch. Sharad nods approvingly but does not promise to visit as he is very busy at the hotel. They move out and Veena decides to visit shoppers place to find out about sound recording device. She had already informed him about the inquiry and so he at once began to explain to her about the device. That device was programmed to begin recording within 2 seconds of any sound in the vicinity of that device. And it would continue recording so long as the sound is coming. If sound stops even then it would continue to remain in functional mood for 15 seconds. Unfortunately as there was a lot of sound around the device was in recording mood and so she asks him its price and pays that price and learns about as to the usage of that device. After familiarizing with all the functions she leaves that shop and comes to Hotel. In the meantime Yamuna was in constant contact with ibna and giving her an actual live commentary of what was going on over with them. The three were very much excited about the way things were happenings. At the hotel Veena goes to Sharad and shows him the equipment. While they were seeing the device and discussing about its application in their language, Marathi, Mustaffa comes out of his room and calls for Sharad. He looks casually to both women but does not show any interest as he did not know what was going on. For the first time Veena sees him and feels that he was too old for her friend. Yamuna also did not approve of him. While Mustaffa was talking with Sharad, he puts that small sound recording device in his pocket, Veena sees that and also notices that Mustaff had no hint of that, he was rather more interested it getting his things from him. Veena quietly takes a few shots at him and takes a few photos. Immediately she sends them to Ibna and ask her how she feels about the man? Ibna actually does not like that joking of Veena and warns her that she is her brothers would be life partner and so such jokes she does not like. That was a good enough snub for Veena. Yamuna also does not like Veena's comments on it and scolds her mutely.
While Sharad was still talking with Mustaffa the two leave that place waving to him silently. Sharad nods approvingly and they move away. Veena wanted to know how Sharad will be able to put the small sound recording device in that room.
Veena was more interested in watching the recording of Mustaffa and so they hurriedly come to their apartment.

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