Saturday, January 18, 2014


Part 77
Days passed without much happenings and on one morning Veena gets a call from Zam Zam hotel. It was a call by Sharad.
Hi, Sharad, what made you call me”? There was no reply for a while and then Sarad, tells her that Mustaffa has arrived!
On hearing that, Veena, who was at home and that being a Sunday, calls Ibna, who was helping Yamuna in preparing for their afternoon meals, and tells her that their mission should begin as the fellow whom they want to target is back in the hotel. Returning to the call Veena thanks Sharad and tells him that she would call back after some time.
Veena goes to the kitchen and joins the other two in preparing the meals. While preparing their meal Veena tells them about Sharad’s call. They continue to chat about the entire matter as usually women’s chatting goes on and during that Ibna asks, will it be good to go to hotel and meet Sharad and finalize plans? Yamuna interrupts, and suggests that let Veena alone go to hotel if at all anybody to go since, Mustaffa may see Ibna if she also goes and that may not be good for the plan. Veena likes it and decides to visit hotel all alone after the noon and meet Sharad to sort out the next move. Ibna appears a little uncomfortable at that and blurts out that she will want to join Veena along as she is a part of the game. At that all the three women begin to laugh at each other. Finally, Yamuna decides, as being the elderly person, that, Ibna will not go with Veena but in stead of she, Yamuna shall accompany her. Ibna becomes very sad but she keeps quite and reassures that she shall be with them on mobile. As that was not enough Ibna being very impatient calls Sharad and formally thanks him for his alertness, then they continue to talk and at that Sharad tells her some very good news that, he has already put one CCTV camera on that window. That camera will shoot one snap in five seconds and store the picture in its memory. This part of information makes Ibna so much happy that she could not control herself. Her face begins to glow and that was rather too much obvious that the other two could not be stopped from inquiring about what talk it was. Ibna tells them that Sharad has already put one CCTV and he has already begun to do recording!
That means we need not get those cameras!” Veena exclaims happily.
I shall go immediately after our meals and am very impatient to see the recording”. Veena continues.
Please do not forget to carry our Lap to download the recording from memory. We will have to replace memory immediately to do further recording”. Ibna comments.
Yamuna and Veena were now very impatient to finish the cooking so that they can go earlier to see the recording.
Seeing their impatience Ibna taunts saying, “There is no need to be so restless, that recording will remain for good and we can see his activities later also”.
I want to see that man and not much bothered about the recording; you stupid”, Yamuna retorts to Ibna. Ibna takes that with a glee.
Recording of that man alone is not important, what is important is, what he talks with his visitors”, Veena adds to Yamuna’s comments. That snubs Ibna, she presses her lips and stops complaining on the decision of Yamuna that she will not accompany them.
Yamuna senses that and chides Ibna and says, “Don’t be childish”.
Even though Veena pretends to be very careless, she is actually terribly restless to see the Arab. Why so impatient to see that man? Veena could not make out, what was that inner sensation?
They finished their meal and began to discuss about the next move.
In one mind Veena was appreciating Sharad for his promptness and decided to phone Rashmi’s brother and tell him the development. She wanted to thank him for his help.

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