Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Part 77
Both the girls return to brother’s cabin and resigning comfortably on the sofa in that room tell him all that happened and await for his reaction. He tells them that Sharad Kale is a very reliable person and if he has offered to help you be assured that he will keep his word.
Now you arrange for the equipments as Mustaffa returns Sharad will put that equipment and do the recording.
They return to their office from the hotel to do their regular office work. Ibna relaxes in her chair and ponders on how Allah is helping her. She visualizes that Allah is helping her because she is doing the right thing. While thinking on that line she casually looks to her friend and sees that Veena is very busy in her work as if totally unmindful of all other things. Her dedication to the work on hand Ibna appreciates and becomes more proud of her. A slight memory of Shree pass through her mind as well. She remembers all members of Mahaale family and feels reassured that soon she will be one of that family. Now she remembers her father and mother and on that becomes some what solemn, all ideas about they being panelized for her act of treason by going out of the community and marry a non-Muslim and above that to embrace Hinduism as her final religion! Ibna becomes more profoundly engrossed on all those thoughts and at that moment she realizes that what she, all about to do, is blasphemy as per Arab conventions. For a while she feels, she is guilty but that was only for a moment. Her better sense prevails upon that and she argues to her that when Arab men marry non-Muslims why that is not considered as blasphemy! That mind revolts and vociferously shouts to her that Islam is not caring for women, they are treated as property of men, and on that, it is very clear that in principle women are never Muslim! Prophet Mohammad treated his many wives caressingly and that only shows that he was good in keeping his “property” properly, and nothing else. Women were and are always nobodies and particularly those women who revolted were crushed by men and that in the name of Islam! If so, then, why a woman should, at all, bother to worry for such a partisan religion? Ibna remembers many events those had happened during her childhood where she had witnessed many gruesome events. Where revolting women were crushed to death in the most ghastly ways, they were skinned alive until their dearth! Arabs and their ghastly religion is believing in terror as the means to discipline antagonists. Her thoughts took her into the realm where she was going to be skinned alive if she falls in the hands of Arabs. Those thoughts frightened her and she came to her senses. She looked around and had a feeling of great relief as she realizes that she is far away from her Arabia, right in the middle of Hindu society, where she has nothing to worry. She began to admire human treatments those Hindus give even to their enemies. Terrorism is not the way of Hindus; she became more confident and argued to herself that for all Arab girls should take to Hindu belief secretly and pray the Hindu Gods to protect them from the hands of these savage Arabs, people of Satan, who always talk of Allah but work only for Satan! Terrorism is the means of Satan and cannot be means of a benevolent God, whom Arabs call Allah!
Ibna looks around in renewed belief about her parent religion and wonders if anybody shall at all accept her revelation about her religion! Ibna smiles to herself, sees her best friend deeply busy in her work. What am I doing? Ibna shifts a little to make her comfortable and looks to some files lying on her desk. All files were cleared by her and to her surprise finds that there is no work pending of her desk. “I am surly not going to Arabia”, Ibna whispers to self but that was rather loud enough to disturb her friend, Veena. Veena looking to her utters, “What makes you say this?”
What did I say?” Ibna utters pretending to be very innocent.
I heard you say, I am surly not going to Arabia;” Veena
Did I say that? Ibna asks. On that they gleefully begin to laugh.
Veena, I was thinking about my fate. For a while I felt that if Arabs find out about my intentions to marry your brother who is not an Arab, what they would do to me. All those ideas frightened me for some time and out of that came my utterances. Did you hear that?”
Yah, yah, I could hear that very clearly. And I am so happy that you have made up your mind for my brother, Shree. On hearing that Ibna’s face began to glow with happiness.

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