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Part 76
Next day they move to the Zam Zam hotel at about 8 o’clock. Rashmi’s brother was waiting for them. They wait in his cabin and there they came to know that Mustaffa has left for some outside country place on tour to see the country and shall not return for two more days. This news make both the girls very happy as that was giving them some comfortable period to do fixing of the equipments. They could enter his room without any hassles.
Veena and Ibna accompanied by brother go to the room where Mustaffa is lodged. Boy attendant receives them and awaits for the orders from his boss, Rashmi’s brother. Brother tells him that these two are trainees and have come to the hotel for training and so he is expected to help them in the work and if need be teach them a few things. After that brother hurriedly leaves them to their task. Attendant boy welcomes the two girls with a suspicion on his face; Veena’s keen sight does not miss that and casually ask him why he looks in that way to them. The boy introduces him as Sharad Kale; and then explains to Veena why he was suspicious. With a smile on his face he explains that usually girls who come to work as attendant maids do not look like them. They are from a lower strata of society but from the appearance of these two he could make out that they are different. Understanding the explanation both girls look to each other with relief and Veena asks him about his background. He tells that he is not from the so called lower strata of society but for economic reasons had to accept this job. This explanation gives the girls a ready reply to his suspicion and repeat that, same with them! He returns that with a friendly smile and they while chatting enter the room of Mustaffa. Sharad begins to show them things around the room but he notices that the girls are not appearing to be serious about the work and he also notices that they are not exactly interested in cleaning the room but something else.
What is the matter”? He repeatedly inquires to them but they do not reply to him. They continue seeing places where they will be able to hide the camera and other equipments. Finally, he reassures that his hunch is not wrong and the two girls are not any maids but are here on some other mission. Boldly Sharad asks them and at that, Ibna losing her patience blurts out that they are not maids but are on some thing else!
Spying on him”! Nervously Ibna admits to him that he has guessed correct.
Do you thing he is a terrorist”? Sharad frowning, pushes his question on her. At that juncture Ibna and Veena realize that they cannot keep the truth from this man and also realize that it would be good to tell him the real reason and plead for his co-operation.
Without uttering a word Veena nods. “Do you thing this man is a terrorist”? Veena repeats his question.
I do not think so, however, since he is an Arab anything is possible”! He exclaims rather aloud. Then, Sharad assures to them that in case they are doing some sort of surveillance, there are other places in this room to do it. He will never suspect anything and you need not bother to enter the room, if interested I shall show you that place. He then continues to explain that there are some rooms in this hotel where that facility is available and ever since terrorists from these countries have begun to trouble peaceful world, our management decided that if any Arab or Pakistanis or African visitor comes they are given one of those special rooms. That makes surveillance very easy and the visitor can not suspect of anything.
We shall be highly obliged to you if you show us that. Veena requests.
After that much talk both the girls come to know that they can share with Sharad their concern and together they, like innocent babies begin to blurt out the purpose of their surveillance. At that, Sharad looks to Ibna with great sympathy and holding his hand for an assurance to her and says, “Mam, I shall do anything to help you from these cruel Arabs”.
After that three come out of the room and Sharad takes them to a small slit door that was in the middle of two adjacent rooms. He shows them that door and tell them that there is a narrow corridor between the two rooms and it is usually used to store brooms and such other cleansing equipments. He then opens the door and enters in that narrow corridor. Both girls follow him. They push themselves with some difficulty and reach a place, may be it was in the middle of the breadth of the rooms. There was not enough light but the glass panel that was at the end of that narrow corridor offered some light in that place. At that point Veena and Ibna could see a square hole in the wall on both sides of the narrow corridor. Sharad tells them that this square window is positioned exactly behind the big mirror in the room where you dress. Now the girls try to look into the square window and to their surprise they find that they could see everything in that room through that mirror.
How is that”? Both girls exclaim together.
The mirror is a see through type that means person standing in the front of the mirror cannot see through it but person behind it can see through. Nobody in the room can know that somebody is keeping a watch on them”. Sharad explains to them.
This arrangement may be misused to infringe upon the privacy of an individual”! Veena whispers complainingly.
Mam, you are true but what is espionage after all? If not infringement on somebody’s privacy.
After that he shows a small hole big enough to insert any microphone and tell them that they can insert a small microphone here and that will record the conversation in that room. That hole was exactly behind the LED TV screen.
That is great”! Exclaims Ibna with joy on her face.
We can do spying without entering the room, that is really very good.
With joy on their faces the girls offer their nimble palms for a warm shake hand. Sharad holding that, reassures that if they could bring the required camera and microphone he will be only very pleased to install them and help them in monitoring all activities in that room. They need not bother to come here.
That offer was more than anything to the girls.
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