Friday, November 8, 2013


Part 75
Girls had no choice, they decide to call Rashmi's brother to settle the deal. They expect that with his intervention, rent may come down. Veena calls him. Tells the shopkeeper that before they make final decision, would like to ask him. Shopkeeper appreciates their vigil and offers them some drinks. Veena calls Rashmi’s brother and tells him about the exorbitant prices and more of the unbelievable rental charges; after listening to her he tells her that let him talk to the shopkeeper and on that Veena hands over the phone to the shopkeeper. They talk for some time and then the shopkeeper gives back her mobile and with a smile admits that he understood the importance of their situation and why you wanted it and looking to all that he said that he would allow them to use the camera for only one day and that is also for free! Squeezing his cheeks with a smile he said that he would like to help for some good cause. On hearing his odd remarks both girls began to look to each other rather perplexed. They could make out that Rashmi’s brother must have told him some story and impressed him so that he became ready to give such a help. Veena asks Ibna if they can complete the mission in one day. Veena looks to the old Shopkeeper and request about what time it make the one day.
Shopkeeper laughs and whispers, “pretty good question, young ladies. I had not thought of that but as we may agree you need to record that man for just one day’s routine and that makes 24 hours. That means if you take it now you have to return it on tomorrow same time. Will it be OK?”
We shall have to make some prearrangements before we take it from here.” Ibna interrupted.
Well that is fine for me but then do it fast because I have only one of each of these cameras and if they are sold before you make up your arrangements, I shall be not able to help you.”
Veena again contacts brother and tells him the new development. They smile and appreciates the goodness of the man. He tells her that it will be good to be fast on these matters because, these cameras are in good demand and may be that if we lose time we may not get such an opportunity again. He alerted Veena that so long as this man is in this mood let us finish the job. He also warned her that, it will be good if she learns about handling that equipment immediately.
Finally they decide to meet again at her place that evening. Veena requests the shopkeeper to show how to operate the equipment. They learn about all its intricacies and on that they realized that the matter was not very complicated. Veena and Ibna both learn about its working and tell him that they are going to meet the brother that evening to decide other matters and probably, next day they may come and take away the cameras. Shopkeeper looks with surprise and asks, “Why two?” Veena explains that they need two to be placed in two strategic positions! The shopkeeper nods approvingly, looking down for some moments and then accepts the idea. On that she promises to return the cameras as soon as the recording is over. They leave the shop with added confidence.
How fast that day passed, both the friends could not imagine; they received Rashim’s brother at their home that evening. He tells them that they can come on the next day with camera but before that he suggests that they visit hotel tomorrow and make all plans. He promised to make all proper arrangements so that they can enter the room of Mustaffa while he is away and decide about where to plant the cameras.
Veena and Ibna were very exited about their adventure; they wanted to make it perfect so that Mustaffa does not get any hint of the espionage they had planed about him. That night they received a call from Rashmi and she told them that they need a white sari to pose as attending maids. Only that dress will be allowed to work as woman attender in that hotel. She tells them that her brother presumed that you both have one for each as such sari is not any unusual thing in this place. On that Veena asks Yamuna about that and she feels relieved as Yamuna confirms that she has many white saris and that need not be any problem.
Both the girls relax in their beds with renewed confidence; however, Ibna feels somewhat jittery about the complete plan and she feels that it may be good if she does not enter that room. She whispers about her fear but her friend refuses to budge and insists that she has to help in it, as, it is being done for her good and she must show required courage and should not think otherwise.

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