Sunday, October 20, 2013


Part 74
Next day Veena and Ibna wait for Rashmi's brother to come to their place outside on the pavement. Veena receives call from him that he may not be able to come and leaves details of the dealer to her. He also assures to her that he has talked to that dealer and the dealer is expecting them. On that call they immediately move in her car to the address provided by brother. They reach the place in just about two minutes. That shop was not very far from their residence. Veena was expecting it to be some big shop but it was not so. It is a small shop not very promising place. They enter it and begin to look around to find out if there is any body to attend on them. She sees a dark person not very impressive in a corner of the shop. That man slowly moves to them with a smile and whispers her name, "Veena"?
Veena returns smile and nods affirmatively.
They collect at the counter and discuss her inquiry. He after carefully listening to her, remains silent for some moments and then goes inside and brings a few small boxes, putting them on the counter takes out one small box and opens it.
"I guess you are searching for this model for your work ".
"It is a very high resolution camera and can shoot very clear picture even in low light".
"What about sound recording? Veena asks.
"Do you want both simultaneously or separate will be OK?
"I think simultaneously will be better," at that point she looks to Ibna for her approval. Ibna gives no reaction on that and prefers to look outside of the shop, as if she leaves everything to Veena's sole discretion.
"How much"? Veena asks.
"This is a German make and very reliable, purchase price 60,000 Rs."
On hearing the price both girls look startled. They appear panicked, looking to each other repeatedly.
That gives the shop owner enough hint that the price is out of their budget.
On that he takes out another box and opens it and tells, this is a Chinese camera quite economical, giving almost same resolution and fairly good picture quality but....
"What is but..."? Veena asks impatiently.
"Chinese are not guaranteed nor they carry warranty also. So long as it works OK, otherwise you have to throw it"! Shopkeeper explains.
"Even so, generally how long it works"? Veena questions abruptly.
"Well, it can work sometimes even better than the German model but not guaranteed, that is all".
"If your work is of small duration this is not a bad option but if you want to work for a long time then this camera is not to be..." Shopkeeper concludes his explanation.
"What is the price"? Ibna asks.
"As compared to the German model this is dirt cheap. Only 6000 Rs.
Veena after knowing the price does not look very convinced about that and looks to Ibna for her reaction. Ibna asks the shopkeeper, "if we want it on hire, what is your offer"?
With a smile on his old face he offers, "With deposit of its price I shall take 6000 Rs. Per month"!
"Price and deposit same?" Ibna questions looking quite irritated.
Shopkeeper continues to giggle at them, says nothing, waits for their offer.
"Thanks for your information but any more you want to tell me about this camera"? Veena tells him.
"In case you want to use this I will give all essential information about how to use it and other tips. First decide which camera you want; probably I guess you people will settle with the Chinese camera. Ahh"! Shopkeeper
"You cannot charge same for rent and price. We want it but the rent should be reasonable". Ibna speaks out rather aloud, displaying her disapproval of the rent.
"Mister, I think you are telling rent of the German model on Chinese, please do some consideration". Veena utters desperately.
Shaking his head with a mischievous smile he tells the rent for both is same anyways.

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