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Part 73
Rashmi's brother and Rashmi were invited to Veena's apartment for a meal that evening. The purpose of the meet was obvious. Rashmi and Jyoti were frequent visitor to that house and so there was nothing out of the way for that but this time it was a different plan. Veena did not want to take any chance that the game turn on them in stead.
After initial formalities of greeting mutually they began to discuss about overall arrangements in the hotel. Veena wanted to know what is the security arrangement to protect customers in that hotel. Rashmi's brother told that by policy his hotel cannot fit any CCTV cameras in any guest room. He however, promised to lend a camera or two out of their stock on his personal responsibly.
"I want high resolution cameras and they will be very small so that she can conceal them in a very small space in that cabin". On that he admitted to her that his hotel does not have any such miniature version and for that she will have to hire or purchase them; he promised to introduce a dealer who will be able to provide a spy camera. Second co-operation she wanted was a little crazy but very important. Veena told him that she and her friend Ibna want to enter Mustaffa's suite as hotel maids in the guise as cleaning girls and install the cameras in the most unsuspecting location. And for that they want to enter suite and check up positions so that they can keep an eye on what is going on in that room. She also told him that she is more interested in recording all conversations going on in that room.
"That means, you want to first enter suite to inspect where best the cameras can be put. Am I correct"
"Very true, you got me." Veena.
"After that in the next visit you two are going to that suite and do the fitting. How about out put recording facility."
After some pause he told Veena that the correct course of action would be to visit the dealer and know about what cameras he can lend or sell to do this type of operation. About other things such as sending you two as maids to clean the room is not very difficult. He told that his hotel hires services of people on daily basis when required and in that he will employ them as service maids so that no body in the hotel shall suspect anything. Apparently all arrangement looked alright; that gave some satisfaction to Veena. However, throughout that conversation Ibna did not look very sure of that plan. She was shifting her glances alternately from Yamuna to Rashmi and then to Veena trying to measure if they have understood it. Yamuna and Rashmi appeared to be more interested in the food they were eating than the talk between Veena and brother.
After initial plan was finalized Veena looked comfortable and now began to eat her meal. They enjoyed rest of the time of that evening chatting about many other things and at that Rashmi's brother came to know about the whole story of Ibna. He gave promise to Ibna that he will give full co-operation to them.
Ibna told them that she is very sure of her friends planning capacity but has some queries.
"What you want to know?" brother asked.
"I want to know his usual programs about how long he stays in that place and when he is out so that we may enter the suite to do this work". Ibna.
"I cannot tell you that off hands, nevertheless, usually I see him at the restaurant at about 8 am and he remains there and he is busy reading various news papers and mostly busy talking on his mobile. He remains there until 9.30 and after that he goes to his suite, changes may be after bath or whatever and comes out then leaves the hotel. This is his usual routine program."
"Does he return for lunch and if so then what is that time". Ibna asks.
"So far as my observation goes Ibna, he generally returns for lunch at about 2.30 pm and after the lunch goes straight to his room and then he remains in the suite until evening".
"Does he get visitors while he is in the room"? Ibna
"I can not say anything on that".
Looking to Veena, Ibna suggests that the appropriate timing for entry will be anything between 10 am to 1.30 pm. And that is good enough time to do whatever you want to do in that suite. Am I correct? Ibna
Good inquiry, I thing you have started taking interest in my plan. Veena remarked with a smile.

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