Friday, September 13, 2013


Part 72
Both girls encircled Yakub and warned him that he must speak out the facts.
"Speak like a true Arab, tell us every thing about what you and Mustaffa are planning to do with me?" Ibna orders. Her nimble frame quivering.
Remember brother, you have given us promise of being like a true brother to us and now is the time to prove that. Veena commanded. Yakub appeared to be in a very awkward position. He literally began to sweat. Yakub's that condition was amusing the girls but they did not show it on their face. They maintained a very serious disposition.
"Common brother, speak it all", Veena's voice was stern.
On that, Yakub blurting something not very audible to anybody in Arabic, turned away from them and made a quick exit from that room. This his behavior told many things to the two shrewd girls and Veena looking sternly to her friend said that they will have to get details of this man Mustafa.
"How shall you do it? Ibna queries impatiently.
For a while Veena looked to be in a very pensive mood but soon she recovered from that and pushed bell on her desk. Ibna could not get exactly what Veena was up to but she was sure of her friend. A peon entered the cabin and there Veena told him to fetch Rashmi.
Very soon Rashmi entered the cabin; Veena requested ger to close the door of cabin properly. That gave a hint to her that something very private is in the offing. Smiling to the two she stood expecting what Veena wants. Veena asked her to sit and they all occupying their respective seats began to converse. "What is it?" Rashmi,
"If I am right your elder brother is working as a manager in Zam Zam hotel; am I correct?" Veena
"Yes, so what about it?" Rashmi
Then, Veena began to unfold her plan to them. While she was talking they were smiling to each other to show that they have liked the plan. While Veena was talking Rashmi took up her mobile and connected it to her brother. She got him on phone. In brief, she told what Veena wants from him. After they finished talking Rashmi gave mobile to Veena. Veena greeted him and without losing time on trifle talk, began to ask how that can be arranged. For some more time they spoke to each other and then Veena hung it. Looking back to the girls, she gave a smile of satisfaction.
Ibna appeared to be not thoroughly satisfied about the final arrangements, showed a question mark on her face. Veena thanked her friend and allowed her to leave the room for her work. At the door Rashmi looking back to the duo commanded that she wants to know how it works.
"Please let me know how things worked." Rashmi
"All the best girls." Rashmi exclaimed with her thumb up.
The two nodding positively gave mischievous smiles to her; both responded by holding their thumbs up. She returned that and left the room.
"What is the problem with you, why you feel that the plan may not work?" Veena questioned looking a little annoyed.
"Where will you get the cameras you want"? Ibna asked hurriedly.
"There is no problem in that, our detective agency is ready to provide all arrangements." Veena
"That is fine, but then why you want to do it personally"? Ibna
Looking irritated Veena explained that she wants that nobody get the cue of what they do. Not even detective agency.
"Why so"? Now Ibna looked more perplexed than before.
"Please do not ask questions like that, are you joining me in that venture or not"? Veena sternly put up the warning question.
"I never said, I shall not join you"! Ibna uttered like a child. Ibna then said pointing her finger to Veena, decisively, I am sure you want to enjoy the thrill of it"!
"Thats' it". Veena returned and then both of them began to laugh loudly.

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