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Part 69
In a five star hotel in the city we see a fat person in his fifties, comfortably sitting in a sofa; he is kinda comfortable and shows a certain confidence in his abilities by his movements. Presently, he is busy preparing a drink for himself. There were other eatables spread on the table in front of him. There comes a knock on the door and he shouts in his rough voice and orders that the door is open, whoever may be can drop in. The door slowly opens and Yakub enters the room head first, peeping. The fat man gives him a big grin and says intuitively, "Ass Salamaleku", to that with same intuitiveness Yakub replies with, "Alekum Salam". Both greet each other and after that formality the fat man pointing to a sofa opposite his lounge requests Yakub to be comfortable in that. Yakub accepts the request and sits in it, shifting in it to make him comfortable.
"So, friend Yakub, how are things?" Mustaffa asks with a smirk, while preparing his drink.
Yakub was, as if thinking about how to begin, shifting a little in the seat and after a while he, looking to the fat man, who was Mustaffa, said, "Mustaffa, I have told Ibna and her friend that you are planning to visit here and also told that you plan to make a deal with their corporation to open business with them."
"That is good job you did, that means, they are not knowing that I am already here and keeping a watch on her." Mustaffa displaying a big smile of satisfaction.
"I would like to appreciate your kind help, can I offer you something for that?" Mustaffa
"That is not necessary, I have not done any big work, it was just nothing that I can accept anything in exchange." Yakub
"My friend you may think that way but I do not take any obligations of anybody, that is my style, you understand." after saying that Mustaffa takes out a bundle of notes and puts it respectfully on the arm-side of the sofa where Yakub was sitting.
Yakub looks pleased at that and comments abruptly to Mustaffa that he will do anything for him.
On that with a big grin on his face asks Yakub, what other things were talked about?
"I told her that you intent to get her in the contract with the corporation so that Ibna will go to Arabia to manage the new business on behalf of you and the Corporation." Yakub
"So, on that what she said and also tell me, the reaction of her Indian friend?" Mustaffa inquires with certain disdain in his voice.
"Veena did not give any obvious reaction, she was however, very intently listening to our conversation." Yakub
"Let me know if Ibna appeared happy to know that I am coming to see her?" Mustaffa
"There was no particular reaction on her face but one thing I observed Mustaffa, that your idea of going through the plan to make a deal with their Corporation did not seem to have impressed them. Veena is a very shrewd woman and a big boss there, if she does not accept your offer to the corporation, may be, that plan will fail." Yakub"
"What do you mean, Yakub, that girl, what name you said? Ahh... Veena? Will she be the person my proposal will go to?" Mustaffa reacts looking irritated, but keeps cool to show no big concern even though, his apparent facial expressions clearly betrayed.
"Most probably yes, since it involves Ibna in that proposal; Veena will have to accept that her best friend will go away. Also you should keep it in mind that Veena is her Immediate boss and that they occupy the same chambers, without her consent nobody can remove Ibna from there". Yakub utters hurriedly.
There was eerie silence as Mustaffa began to look much different from now on as he realized that things were not as easy as it appeared. That smile of confidence disappeared altogether.
"You mean to suggest that my plan of taking away Ibna is not going to materialize?" Mustaffa
"These young girls want to do career in stead of marrying and producing children for we men, some thing should be done to stop it. Woman's place is at our feet but today we see they are trying to compete us. Do you know Yakub our prophet – peace be upon him – had the same opinion." Mustaffa utters with contempt written on his face.
"What do you think? Is it proper that they work like this?" Mustaffa inquires.
"I have no objection if my wife is a career woman, I have seen them doing better job than men. At least on desk and intelligent work they are better." Yakub
On that Mustaffa grumbles with contempt and whispers some bad words in Arabic; on that Yakub gives a smile of ridicule towards Mustaffa.
"May be you can try to make a proposal for deal but without Ibna; that may pass if it is well conceived." Yakub
"People here, are not fools to accept any senseless proposal." Yakub tells Mustaffa in a voice of giving him a warning for the possible dangers. On saying this Yakub looks to the fat pack of bundle of notes and moves his hand slowly to lift it and slowly slips it in his purse.
"I know that but if I cannot take Ibna away soon, what use doing all these things?" Mustaffa
"One more thing I want to know from you Yakub, since these girls are so close, is it possible that they are gay? And that is why they do not want to separate from each other?" Mustaffa asks with certainty.
"I know them now for some time and to think on these lines is only stupidity. You do not know of Hindus, they cannot even think on such relationships. Just forget of that". Yakub utters with certainty.
"I am happy to hear this". Mustaffa whispers to self.
"My friend, do you have any other plan to expedite transfer of Ibna from here?" Mustaffa pleads to Yakub.

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