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part 68
Yamuna was busy preparing for the evening snacks for the young girls. Veena and ibna rush into the apartment and run to their rooms. After refreshing themselves they enter dining room which is part of kitchen and sit on table for sumptuous food that Yamuna serves. While eating ibna looks to Veena and hints her by signs to find out if Veena wants to open the topic to Yamuna. Veena understanding that, directly opens up the topic of Yakub and Yamuna listens to it carefully.
"So what you girls have decided about it?" Yamuna
"We have found out from Kamaal that neither Yakub nor Mustaffa know about our plans of Ibna settling in India by marrying Shree. Their plans are to get Ibna out of India and to their country by some means. Primarily because Mustaffa is not wanting to wait until five years". Veena
"So what you girls have planned to avert that?" Yamuna
"We cannot decide on exact steps to be taken unless Yakub finds out when Mustaffa is coming to India and in this city." Veena
Ibna was not saying anything but was busy eating her dish vivaciously. However, fully attentive to the conversation between Veena and Yamuna.
"That means we can do nothing immediately." Yamuna
"Veena, I know you have a habit of visualizing possibilities and by that method what many possibilities you see in this context?" Yamuna
"There are many possibilities but what relief I get from the developments so far is that the guys are not knowing about marriage factor of our plan. It looks prima fecia, they are only wanting Ibna out of this country. And as she is in their possession Mustaffa will force her to marriage him." Veena
"I have asked Yakub to find out when that man comes here." Veena continues.
"Dear Ibna, tell me, is it possible for this man to do such an atrocity on you, that he arranges to pack you up to his country by some convenient excuse?" Yamuna
"If my parents have taken any loan from him then and then only, he can demand my custody by our native law". Ibna replies in a childish manner looking to Yamuna while continues her eating.
"How can we know if Ibna's parents have taken any money from Mustaffa?" Yamuna
On that Veena suggests to Ibna to contact Kamaal and find out if his parents have taken any loan from Mustaffa.
Ibna seems to be more interested in eating the delicious preparations as she asks Veena to contact him and find out that herself right away.
"You can call Kamaal and find out this information but so far as my information goes they have not done any such commitment to him. My father would never take money from anybody, he is very proud and actually Mustaffa he had helped when Mustaffa was new to business. Nevertheless, it is good to confirm the facts." Ibna
Surprising enough, behavior of Ibna showed high level of confidence in her manners and from that she was showing that she cares two hoots for whatever Mustaffa plans.
This her confidence gave added courage to Veena and Yamuna; it was as if, they were appearing more worried about Ibna than Ibna herself. After some efforts Veena contacts Kamaal and asks him about any financial commitments, if any, his father had made with Mustaffa. Soon they get information that though there was no financial commitment, his father had promised to give away Ibna to Mustaffa some years back and that promise Mustaffa can exploit to retrieve Ibna. He further tells Veena that an Arab cannot go back on his promise given to another Arab. That they consider as sacrilege. Punishable under Sharia laws!
"Wow, this is going to be real tough but as father is out of the country he may be safe unless and until he returns to his country". Veena exclaims intuitively. On that Ibna carelessly blurts out, "The crime if we take it that way, is multi fold because his daughter is going to marry out of Arab clan and that to a Hindu!" on saying this Ibna keeps laughing as if she has become hysteric mad.

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