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Part 70
At the office of Veena both friends appear to be pretty busy with their office work. Much time had passed after Yakub had visited them in their cabin. However he was meeting them in the office premises for official work. They never wished to discuss about Mustaffa and it so appeared that Yakub also was not much interested in it. However, on that day Veena's office detective agency phoned her and told her some tip about presence of Mustaffa in the city. That surprised Veena and she called Ibna and told her that.
"You mean to say that Yakub was telling us a lie when he told us that Mustaffa is only planning to visit the city, whereas on that time he was already present in the city. And Yakub knew it?" Ibna inquires with exasperation in her voice.
"That means this Yakub is not as clean and reliable as we thought him to be." Ibna and Veena speak out simultaneously.
"What to do know, and what if this Arab comes here?" Ibna questions irritably.
"What wonders me is that if this Arab is staying in the city for so long why he did not come to make a deal with our Corporation as he had planned; as Yakub told us." Veena utters impulsively.
"Only Yakub may be able to put light on that, if he is yet in contact with him. Ibna
"What do you mean by yet!" Veena speaks out with her eyes big and surprise on face.
"Let me tell you this Yakub is in line with him and we should be doubly careful with this fellow". Veena speaks sternly
"Can we use this man to hoodwink Mustaffa?" Ibna suggests with a mischievous smile on her beautiful face. They were while chatting like this also busy doing their office work. That day office work was not very important.
"What you mean by this?" Veena
"I mean by this, we shall put the fellow on a wrong track and see how he moves. Let me tell you Veena, these Arabs think that they are very smart. This their over confidence we can use and put him in the wrong direction." Ibna tries to explain.
"What wrong direction you are talking about/" Veena asks.
"Can we know what he is doing at present?" Ibna
while this conversation was on there comes a tap on the door of their cabin and slowly Yakub enters it with his head peeping in as usual.
"Hello friends, can I join you for a minute?" Yakub requests very politely. The girls do not reply and even without any formal consent Yakub comes up to desk of Ibna and sitting greets them. The girls show as if it was nothing and as they were office colleagues it was all fine. They return his greetings and there is no talk on that. They show that they are pretty busy with office work. After some time Veena asks Yakub, "Hey, brother how are things with you? Is everything fine?"
"What happened to Mustaffa? He did not come with any proposal as you had said the other day." Veena
"Has he come here?" Ibna questions with certain anxiety in her voice.
They were wanting to see what Yakub says on that and as they had expected the mouse was in the trap.
Yakub told them with certain confidence in his voice that Mustaffa has as yet not come.
This comment of Yakub gives a clear warning to the girls that he is not to be trusted any more. They exchange glances confirming this. At this juncture Veena wanted to expose him by asking certain questions and so she commands, "As per my information this Mustaffa has been here ever since you had come to our cabin last time. That clearly means that you are trying to hide something from us".
We trusted you like our brother and you want to betray us, is it good for a proud Arab that you people always claim to be. Veena wanted to give some emotional touch to the event because she was fully aware that these Arabs are very proud of being Arabs and always claim of being very trust worthy and honest. That worked on Yakub like most unexpected and he began to blurt out something.
His this predicament amused Ibna so much that she could not control her laughter.

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