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part 67
Usually at the end of the day when they return home from office they are in very jolly mood but on the day Yakub tells them of Mustaffa's plans; they return with tense mood. Both of them were deeply contemplating on something only they may know of. After some distance their car passed Veena who was driving asks Ibna, "Ibna, do you believe Yakub is telling truth?"
"I know Kamaal and Yakub are close friends from their childhood. But one thing I do not understand the way he was talking it appears that he knows of our plan of my not going back to my native place, I wonder if Kamaal has spoke about that to him. If not then it is not possible for him and mustaffa to know of it. " Ibna replies in an annoyed voice.
"I think before we do anything in that direction we should talk to Kamaal to find out if he has leaked the subject to Yakub"; Veena.
"I shall do it immediately". Ibna murmurs looking very disturbed.
She attempts to make that long distance call from her mobile and after some moments she gets the contact. It was early day at Stockholm, where Kamaal was placed. He had just been at his desk.
"Hello, oh h, dear sister what is the matter, you called me, is everything alright?" Kamaal inquires.
"Yes brother, it is very urgent, let me know if you have told Yakub about my plans to stay back here." Ibna puts the query hurriedly.
"What are you talking? Why should I leak such a serious matter to anybody at all?" Kamaal counter questions to her.
"Listen carefully my brother, he appears to have smell of it somehow, he had come to my office ….." Ibna tells him everything that happened in the office.
For some time there was silence from both sides.
"What does he say"? Veena asks Ibna but she appears to be in some sort of pensive mood and behaves as if did not hear her. Veena repeats the query and then decides to leave Ibna alone to her thoughts and now prefers to concentrate on driving. There was much traffic to attend on that, was equally important.
After some time Ibna looking very exhausted due to mental fatigue and looking to Veena apologizes and requests her to repeat her question.
"Nothing much dear Ibna, I just wanted to know what he says"; Veena.
"He said that he has not told anybody including Yakub about anything and he has asked me to be very careful with Yakub. He also told me that after some time he shall contact me and together he says, we have to plan our next move".
"He also asked me if I have disclosed by my mouth anything of that to Yakub. I told him that she or Veena have not said anything to him that can give the slightest hint of our plan." Ibna
"This means, your appointment by our corporation on long term basis was interpreted by Mustaffa in his style and on that he is working and in that he wants to use Yakub, probably, Yakub is offered something, very handsome price may be, to hold on you. This is what I feel going on at the other end. They are working on corporations decision and they are not knowing anything about your plan to stay put here permanently and marry".
"You are dead correct in that"; Ibna blurts out impatiently. "Luckily we did not say anything about our plans to him and first thing hereafter we should do is that we do not allow Yakub to get even the slightest glimpse of our plans." Veena adds.
"How about that plan of Mustaffa of smuggling me out of this country. Do you feel he can do that"? Ibna asks impatiently.
"These wile people will go to any extend to get their aims achieved and since he is going to use Yakub in that, we can counter play and fix him, but for that this Mustaffa should personally be here." Veena exclaims casually with an equally vile smile on her face.
"What you have in mind, can I know it?" Ibna speaks noting the vile smile on face of her friend. She feels doubly confident that things are as yet not gone out of their control. She gives a smile of confidence and there their conversation stops. They have reached their home, Veena was busy now finding place to park her car.
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