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part 66
Things were in control. Kamaal leaves for his tour to Europe and apparently everything appears to be alright. As planned Veena put up a proposal before CEO of her corporation and in that she recommends reappointment of Ibna so that she can be officially inducted in the corporation as an executive to help Veena in her work. That gets approval and in the new agreement Ibna has to be with the corporation for five complete years. This condition was essential to keep her lodged firmly in the country so that no amount of efforts by any body can take her away. Five years was a good enough time to avoid her getting married to that old man. They knew for certain that the old Arab will forget her and further work shall be not difficult. They wanted Kamaal to settle properly in Europe with his parents and for all these things five year period was considered good enough. Everything was set as planned and that gave big relief to Ibna.
Time was passing and for the time being it all appeared to be fine but things were not all that fine. One day a friend of kamaal who was as yet working with the corporation came into Veena's cabin where Ibna was also sitting and after some initial formalities came to the point for which he had gone there. He made himself comfortable in the seat in front of Ibna and with a smile whispered to her in English, "Sister Ibna, there is some bad news for you. Mustaffa is visiting India on a tour to see this country and during that he wants to meet you; he has asked me to tell you that."
Veena was obviously listening to that as they were siting not very far from each other. "Who is Mustaffa? She asked to Yakub, Kamaals good friend.
Looking to Veena wearily Yakub murmured rather aloud, "This is the same man for whom Ibna is betrothed."
Veena was not going to take that easily. She asked Yakub, "Is it allowed according to your people's strict rules that a stranger can meet a young woman privately?"
"Well you are correct at that but since it is out of our country many men do it and request women to meet them." Yakub
Suppose Ibna refuses to meet him privately? What shall happen? Veena
While this conversation continued, Ibna kept silently watching to them with some curiosity .
"That is possible and we all feel Ibna should do exactly that. In that eventuality Mustaffa is planning to smuggle her out of India" Yakub.
How on earth that he can do? Veena questions, looking slightly annoyed.
"We do not know of that but this man is very powerful when it comes to throwing money, he is very rich and has many powerful contacts" Yakub.
Now, Veena looks to her friend and inquires, "What do you say on this situation?"
This question angers Ibna and she looks very red, "I shall never allow him to see me."
This is no Arabia that he can do whatever he wishes, in Arabia they are lords and they can do whatever they please.
On that Veena further asks Yakub, "Please tell me more about as to how he shall arrange to see her, here?"
"I really do not know that but some conjecture I can make and feel he is planning to see first the CEO of your corporation and may offer to get services of the corporation for his company and through that gradually he may attempt to request the corporation to give Ibna as their officer to work in Arabia, since she is an Arab, it obviously becomes the first choice. I am not very sure but the type of craftiness he possesses, this strategy is most likely to be the one that he will use to get Ibna there under his control and once she has gone there everything will become easy." Yakub explains.
This puts Veena in a quandary. Ibna however, did not look very impressed by this talk. She firmly rejects any possibility of her going back under any pressures; she with a firm voice tells Yakub, "Look brother, I cannot be sent to any place unless me boss, Veena approves of that and as you know very well, she will never approve of that." Ibna looks with favorable reception to Veena.
Both friends exchange glances showing their mutual confidence. Yakub also looks somewhat relieved at Ibna's confidence and relaxes in his chair. All the three exchange looks of approval. Those were moments of relief to them and Ibna grumbles a few bad words in Arabic which Veena could not understand but Yakub enjoys them.
After some pause Veena asks Yakub, "When the devil is planning to visit India and one more thing, what is that company he wants us to help? Yakub bhai let us know of all these details so that I can prepare the counter maneuver."
"Sister Veena, that I shall find out and tell you but this is only my premonition and I am not sure of it but I am telling you this because you should not be caught unawares. Bottom line is that, the other side is not resting quietly, they are planning on something, let us not be careless. That is all my intention." Yakub utters impatiently. He was getting up to leave the room but Veena requests him to wait for some more moments and have some coffee.
Ibna looks with great appreciation and thanks him repeatedly and finally getting out of her chair goes near him and holds his hand firmly, begins to cry. "Yakub, you are my real brother, now I feel that I have one more brother in you."
To that Veena adds and repeatedly tells him that he has two sisters in them and he can depend on them whenever he needs.

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