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part 65
Yamuna looks puzzled but by now Shree also realizes what his sister has to suggest. After this conversation Kamaal showed some relief on his face as he also understood that there is a way out for this problem. Yamuna looked dumb even at that and looking to that Ibna puts her mouth almost in her ears and begins to whisper to her something. Everybody looked very relieved at that and soon Yamuna came with a bright smile on her face; she had understood the plan.
Veena after some pause began to explain her plans in details. She was talking to kamaal and so she kept looking to him while explaining the plan.
"Let me explain to you my next strategy to you, Kamaalbhai." Veena
tomorrow I shall put uyp a proposal to our CEO that or corporation needs the services of Ibna for some more time and request him to call Ibna to join the corporation is direct employee of the corporation, hitherto she was representing a firm from the middle east. I will see to that he accepts my proposal and gives her an immediate appointment letter since she is already well known to all of us. Veena further continues, the corporation shall make a contract for five years with her and my dear Ibna shall sign on it and get into the company as my assistant. Once she signs for five years contract nobody can cancel it and that means she will be here and that settles the problem for the time being. The other part of my plan concerns you, Kamaal."
"Go ahead Veena I am listening, you are simply marvelous at planing! I have been observing your strategic plaannings for the company but this one is unique, I am impressed." Kamaal
Veena continues explaining what Kamaal should do to avoid their parents from getting trapped at their village.
"You are taking them with you to Holland as your appointment is in that country. At present you are working for a company from your sheikdom, and so long as you are an employee of that firm you are not safe and so my suggestion is that you will search for a suitable job in some non Arab firm either in Holland or any other country in Europe. All this will be as planed and worked exactly so that nobody at your village will get to know that something is being cooked up. They should not get the slighted hint that all these things happening has anything to do with Ibna. Simultaneously, you may apply for citizenship of that country and you should see to that you get one. When all these things are settled properly I am sure your parents will have no problem.
"Easy said than done." Shree interrupts.
On that, Kamaal looking to Shree with assurance in his looks comments, "I have all necessary qualifications to get a job as Chartered Accountant in any European country. Veena's plans I feel has some substance, particularly that part so that my sister will be here for five years. You know Shree, five years is along enough period to cool down some problems. I am sure if Ibna signs up for five years and the old man who insists to marry her comes to know of it, he may lose interest in her most probably. Our men are not patient and as he will not be able to cancel that contract as it is made between an Indian firm and an individual he will not be able to do anything to that."
"All right, all right, what about marriage of my Ibna and Shree?" Yamuna grumbles.
On that all of them heartily laugh and looking to Ibna Veena suggests, "That will be decided by them and we should not interfere in that."
"I shall think of marriage only when I am sure that my in-laws are absolutely safe with Kamaal in any country in Europe." Shree whispers rather loudly as if he was talking to himself, moving his head hopelessly.
On that Ibna looks affectionately to him with a smile of appreciation. She gets up from her chair and walks to Shree, holds his hand firmly stands close to him silently. That made the situation very sentimental and on that Veena whispers to others, "Let them be there, we should retire now." She gets out of her seat and moves out to her bedroom.
For some moments Yamuna keeps looking to the couple with merciful smile on her face. Slowly she gets out of her seat and slowly moves to her bedroom asking Kamaal to get some sleep in the guest-room where Shree was put up.
Kamaal sitting in his seat silently observes the love in them and he appears to be satisfied with the arrangements suggested by Veena.

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