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part 64
Shree became dazed on hearing what Kamaal talked. He decided to talk the matter with Ibna before they decide about future course. He was having mixed feeling as he was happy that Ibna will be with him and at the same time the ordeal through which his would be in-laws are going to face. Shree decides to arrange for a meeting at Veena's apartment that evening to bid farewell to Kamaal.
They all gather at Veena's house that evening to say good bye to Kamaal but the actual intention of Shree was to discuss the seriousness of things those are likely to happen. Shree has already talked about it to Yamuna and his sister that the staying back and eventual marriage of Ibna with him could be very fetal to her parents. Everybody was very tense and Ibna looked very depressed at that evening. She could not understand how to resolve this situation. Kamaal was invited for a super on the occasion and everything appeared very fine but at the core things were very tense and it was visible from the way they all were moving about. Shree and Veena had decided to broach the topic of Ibna's plans to stay back and eventually settle with Shree. Who should open it was the issue. Nevertheless, finally Yamuna takes the initiative as being the eldest in them and inquires to Kamaal about how he would feel about that. Kamaal looking to Ibna and Shree alternatively tells Yamuna that he personally is very pleased that his sister gets a good life partner. Amongst people here we never had any problem Yamuna told him but the trouble is at the other end; and how to resolve it without her parents getting in any measure trouble at their village.
After some tense moments Kamaal suggested in helpless voice that to get something we have to loose something else, and that is the way of this world, so why bother about it? Yamuna suggested at that, that we should find some via media method such that her parents will be safe and Ibna can have what she wants. Yamuna told him that his sister has chosen the option by herself and we have accepted it but as this marriage is not by common traditional belief people at her village are likely to harm them; this we must avoid at any cost because such a marriage will keep troubling all of us for all the time and that we do not want.
"What way out we shall have? Kamaal
"I do not see any way by which my parents could be safe at the village after the people there come to know of such a marriage." Kamaal
They were eating their supper quietly with occasional discussion on this topic.
Yamuna looking to all of them requested to them all, that if anybody has any suggestion to resolve this problem please come with it.
Ibna while eating silently continued to look to her friend for any tip. Shree looked very puzzled and it was clearly visible from his ways that he was deeply depressed about the whole issue; he did not understand what shall happen of their marriage. He was deeply in love for the Arab girl he would like that everything is sorted out in such a manner that her parents will be safe and marriage will be accomplished. Any thought of death of his future in laws was simply impossible for him to bear, this had made him so much depressed that he left the meal half way and kept waiting for others to finish. As for Veena, she appeared very composed and sure of things and it appeared that she had something under her sleeves.
Yamuna looking to her niece inquired, "Veena you are a very intelligent girl and you always have something unique to offer on such occasions, why you do not say something?"
On that Veena looks to Kamaal and asks, "Where in Europe you wish to settle?"
Yamuna with surprise on her face counter inquires to Veena, "Dear Veena, what has that to do with my question?
"Aatyaa, my question has definite relation to you inquiry, please Kamaal reply me."
"Most probably I wish to settle in European country but right now I cannot say which."
"If I am not mistaken you are posted in Holland, am I correct?" Veena
"Whatever country you wish to settle can you take your parents with you". Veena
"You are correct, I am posted in Holland; I wish to take them with me this time there and I have already got of their approval also." Kamaal
"That's fine, that means, your parents will be away from the village and so possibility of village chief having any chance to touch them is rather remote, am I correct?" Veena
"What has that do do with the topic we have with us?" Yamuna
"Aatyaa have patience please, we are coming to that." Veena
At this point of time, Ibna begins to look rather bright as if she got the point Veena was arriving at.

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