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Part - 61
Next day Ibna did not get up early since she could not sleep during night. Yamuna and Veena were deeply concerned about the whereabouts of Shree. While they were taking breakfast, Veena's mobile rang and there was Shree on the other side. Veena literally shouted on the mobile due to excitement and asked him, "Where are you Shree dada?"
She shouted so loudly that awoke Ibna. She heard her calling brother Shree dada as she would always do. Ibna sprang out of her bed and came running to the dining room still half in sleep. Her appearance was pathetic, Yamuna chuckled, sympathetically. Shree told Veena that he is coming to the city immediately as Kamaal has called him for an urgent meeting. This say of Shree irritates Veena very much, she began to contemplate on why on earth
kamaal lied to her and Ibna that he does not know of Shree's whereabouts. Veena replied to Shree that she expects him and also gave him a hint that they have to decide about Ibna and that is most important. On hearing that Shree chuckled on the phone quite audibly. She also asked when he is expected in the city? Shree told her that as soon as possible! That reply annoyed Veena very much and she shouted on him, already disturbed as they were kept in dark about how Kamaal knew of Shree, and told him that such a reply shall not do, he must tell exactly when? Shree on that said to her, "Why you appear so much disturbed? What is the matter, is anything wrong? Be quiet and understand I am as much concerned about Ibna as everybody in our house; so please relax."
This reply even though gave some relief Veena was not really satisfied and she told her brother that he must first meet her and Yamuna before meeting Kamaal. On that Shree could not say and there was a small period of eerie silence. "Do you listen to me brother, I mean that and remember you shall not commit to Kamaal on any promise unless we approve of it.
There was again some silence and then Veena heard her brother's voice, slightly giving air as if he was smiling on the mobile. "O.k., boss, I will not meet him before we meet; is that alright?" on that Veena gave a heartfelt laugh and they stopped the conversation.
During the conversation Yamuna and Ibna were sitting on the table intently listening to one side of that conversation. Who was it? Yamuna
Shree, who else could it be? Veena and Ibna exclaimed coincidently.
What he said? Yamuna
He is coming to the city and we shall be meeting him before he meets Kamaal, that was the arrangement, Veena replies while eating a bite on the sandwich.
Veena looked to Ibna and requested to her that she need not worry about what shall be next, I know my brother and he shall never turn against us and so relax and enjoy your breakfast.
"Did he tell when he is expected here?" Yamuna
"He said as soon as possible, that means very soon, there is no point in asking about, when, he will make it up and so long as we meet him before Kamaal we need not worry. Veena answered.
Ibna looked worried, she showed her disapproval on Veena's confidence, she murmured grumblingly, you do not know of my brother, he is very cunning, he shall make it a point to meet him as Shree lands in here, so you must ask him where and how he is landing here and also tell him that he shall not inform Kamaal about this. So that we shall go and pick him up before kamaal gets to him. Veena looked somewhat annoyed not because Ibna gave that hint but because how she missed that possibility. Her ego as an administrator was disturbed. She always wanted to be the first in getting to the nutty-gritty of any work and here she had really missed a very important option.
Veena dialed for Shree's mobile but it was engaged. "Engaged? Is he now talking to my brother?" Ibna yelled.
"Try again", Yamuna
"Wait for a while and then call", advised Ibna. All the three were very much concerned as, if Kamaal contacts him and Shree commits to him something, it may be very difficult to manage the situation.
"Trust in God we mean to do no harm to anybody and so He shall always be with us!" Yamuna prayed with exclamation.
After some time the mobile rings and there Shree is on the phone.

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