Sunday, January 27, 2013


Part 60

Ibna becomes very tense at those comments of her brother, a wave of shudder passes through her entire body. This is my testing time she understands and she decides not to give any visible reaction so that her brother may get to any idea of their plans. She at a time feels that Kamaal is trying to guess out something to find real reason for her staying back. Her mind tells her to be patient and not to over react. She looks to Veena for her reactions but Veena outwardly shows no sign of any special and questionable reaction. After Kamaal left the cabin Veena casually remarks to Ibna, asking her if she is in contact of Shree; Ibna shakes her head negatively; cursing Veena for that bold move. Veena looks confident and throws her shoulders as if she has accepted the challenge Kamaal has given to the ladies. Venaa knows that her brother Shree is out on tour for promotion of his business. Kamaal being his partner she expects that he should be knowing of Shree's whereabouts but from the way Kamaal reacts it appears that he is not knowing anything about Shree's plans. Veena wanted to contact her brother desperately because all plans rested on his approval for Ibna. Even though, she was dog sure about his mind she still did not want to take any chances. The whole business of Ibna's staying back was not as simple as it appeared. There was not much time for them to decide about what to do.
As they return home Veena asks Yamuna about Shree's whereabouts. She tells that he did not say anything about that and that may be as he may not be aware of the new developments which demand his immediate attention. They keep contacting at Ghatla village for more information but with no results. They decide that unless Shree contacts them it is not possible to get to him. This situation makes every body very tense and Ibna looks deeply annoyed for the way time was passing. Veena and Yamuna try to console her but as time passes she becomes all the more impatient. Finally, it happens at night time after they had finished their supper Ibna gets a call from Shree. That really surprise the other ladies; they patiently wait to hear what they decide. After some whispering talk Ibna gives the mobile to Veena and looking desperate ask her to talk to her brother. Veena does not understand why she has become so tense, what Shree said? After hello hy hy, Veena tells Shree about Ibna's probable departure to her native place, and without much hesitation directly puts the question about what he wants to do about Ibna. She directly tells him about the plans the ladies were contemplating. There was a pause and that made every body there very tense. It is not the way to deal with me, Ibna laments looking to Yamuna. Yamuna patting on her back lovingly reassures her that Shree is in there complete control and he will never let them down. Yamuna hints to Veena to put the mobile on speaker so that they can listen to his voice. Ibna looks visibly shaken as the seconds pass. Veena was thoroughly enjoying the pain her friend was passing through. "Yes, hello, Veena I am sorry there was disturbance in the line I am at present traveling and so find it difficult to get clear voice, I shall phone after some time as I reach the place, there I can get connection better," and there the conversation stops. This disturbs those three women so much no one can describe about.
Yamuna get up and suggests with a smile on her face, "come on girls let us retire for our beds. Probably he will contact us in the morning." Veena pats on shoulders of her friend and assures her saying, "Shree is pretty busy with some assignment and so quite engaged, we should show some patience and soon everything will be OK, you do not worry about my brother's decision on the matter. I know he likes you and will give you no chance for blame to him". Ibna shakes her head desperately with pain visible in her eyes. Veena further assures her that they still have two weeks to manage her plan.
That night Ibna does not sleep, constantly thinking about if Shree does not help what? She continue to pray for Allah to help her in this and pray more to Almighty to get her dream fulfilled. She had read in some book on her religion that a true prayer never goes unheard by the Almighty. HE delivers to the true devotee. The question that bothered her was, was she a true devotee, falling in love with a non Muslim and that too so desperately.

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