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Part - 62
"What is it, dear sister?" Shree
"Was it Kamaal you were talking just now?" Veena
"No, it was a call from my business contact." Shree
"What I suggest is that Ibna wants to pick you up from where you are landing. So can you let me know where you are expected to land in here in the city?" Veena
"I am not sure, but I understand what you want to hint at. I will not let Kamaal know when I am coming to the city; I will contact Ibna and tell her about that but most probably I shall come after three day. Please give the phone to Ibna, I wish to talk to her. " Shree
On that Veena gives the phone to Ibna with a gracious smile and says, "Talk to your love", please.
Ibna hurriedly gets the mobile but instead of talking she begins to cry. She was sobbing quivering all over, very excited that she was.
Yamuna looks on to her Ibna and a drop of tear falls on her cheeks.
Hello, hello, Shree it is me, Ibna, I have to talk to you very urgently and so please come immediately, remember there is no business as urgent as this, please do not cut the phone. She awaits and that shows that Shree is responding to her from the other side. Veena and Yamuna keep patiently looking to Ibna, not knowing what he is talking.
After some time they see Ibna smiling and intuitively she keeps kissing the phone, that was very pathetic and made Yamuna cry silently, while Veena kept on looking to Ibna trying to imagine out what is next.
Not able to control herself Yamuna asks Ibna, "What Shree says, please tell me and let me talk to him, do not hang phone".
Ibna was not very attentive to her speech and it appeared from her expressions that she was fully engrossed in what Shree was telling her. However, she realizes soon that Yamuna has something to say and after first surge of emotions was over she looks to her and with a smile nods to suggest that she shall pass the phone to her. Veena tells her to put the phone on speaker so that all can talk to him simultaneously. Ibna looks to Veena and nods to say that soon she shall do it after their very personal talk is over. That gives a spate of laughter in the three ladies. Finally their very private gossip was over and Ibna puts the phone on speaker.
Hy hello to all and then Yamuna warns her nephew that it is very urgent that he takes a decision about Ibna.
There was a sound of clear guffaw from the other side and that really upsets the old lady. "What do you mean by this laugh?" she questions rudely; Yamuna wanted him to be serious and not in any lighter mood.
"Aatyaa, I am very serious but things are not as easy as you think." Shree
"What you want me to do with Ibna? I am ready to accept her since all of the family has already done that much earlier. That is not the issue, the problem is how she can avoid going back. We have to work out some special maneuver to achieve it. I am coming to you people and shall start forthwith. Please do not worry, I am coming to the city and one more thing you will be happy to note that my friend Kamaal and Ibna's brother approves of our relation, the problem is not from the family of ibna also, the problem is from the tribal chief of these Arabs. If the tribe excommunicate the family for her marriage with a non Arab it could be very difficult for all of them. The Arab tribal chiefs are very cruel. Particularly since it is a marriage outside even their religion. Those people are not as civilized as that to accept such a marriage. Aatyaa I am coming immediately and rest of talk we shall do in person there."
Phone stopped. There was a quiet for some time, nobody was wanting to say anything, the issue of her family suffering was a very serious one. Yamuna could not say anything on that, they looked to Ibna, she looked very composed and serene. Veena looks to her and her eyebrows jumping suggested that there is a twist to the story a question mark on her face was very obvious. After some time Yamuna in a somber voice questioned Ibna, "What to do? How to save your family from the turmoil? What you have to say on this? Ibna sitting fast, twisting her lips appeared to be in deep consternation.
"Are you ready to sacrifice your families position in that tribe?" Yamuna
After some moment she uttered, "I love my family but I want to be with your family as well. For girls there real family is the family of their husband and I have already accepted Shree as my man." she was saying all this as if under some charm, not by herself.
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