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Part 59
They finished breakfast and left for the office in Veena's car. Veena at the driving seat Ibna sitting next to her, they were busy talking about how to plan the surprise move. Ibna inquired if Veena has asked Shree about the plan; on that Veena began to laugh pointing her fingers to Ibna remarked; “You have become very anxious to meet Shree, that is very good but rest for some time, my dear sister-in-law, since as you know Shree is at present on a business tour to other parts of India”. “Oh I simply forgot that!” Ibna exclaims. “ I am trying to contact mother and would tell her about that; how do you think of this?” Ibna suggests that let Yamuna do that work as they are elders it is better they sort out the matter at that level. We are children and so I feel Yamuna Aatyaa should do it”. They reach office slightly in advance and begin to do the work as usual; Ibna was no more in any tension the way she was yesterday.
The day passed without any event. Excepting for Kamaal's visit to Veena's cabin where Ibna was also sitting to finish her pending office work before departure. He approached his sister and sitting opposite of her seat told her in a whisper that they have to leave in three days because his appointment at Amsterdam demands that he is present there before time. This disturbed Ibna; even though they were whispering, Veena had a keen ear to what Kamaal was telling Ibna. She, though kept pretending that she was not listening to them, was fully attentive to the conversation between the sibling. Not knowing how to react Ibna turned to Veena and loudly asked if it was possible to finish the pending work in just two days; on that Veena tersely retorted, “I do not think so.” Then again, shaking her neck negatively she looked to Kamaal and asked, as if not having heard his conversation with Ibna, “What is the matter?”
Kamaal turns to Veena and explains his point and waits looking pensively to Veena for her reply.
Oh, I see, so you are going to Amsterdam, that is very good for your career but tell me Kamaal, my brother, is it necessary that Ibna must finish her work just because you are getting an appointment?” Veena retorts tersely. “To be frank, her pending work only she can complete and do not expect me to do it for her just because you want to take away her as per your convenience”. After a pause Veena speaks that at least ten days are required to complete the task and I want Ibna to stay right here and do it by herself; only after that she can leave to her place but not earlier than that.
Kamaal looked nervous on that comment of Veena and said nothing about that as he knew how strict Veena was when working in the office. He knew very well that nothing can change her mind and she was the boss in these matters. He preferred and changed the talk on matters of his new appointment and asked if she can help him in his new job whenever required. That was an excellent opportunity for her to pursue that topic and they discussed about his new job as an accountant. Ibna became confident that they have enough time to finish her task and do every thing possible so that she stays back as planned by Yamuna.
After Kamaal left the cabin the girls looked to each other and both breathed a sigh of relief. “That was close”; Ibna murmured to herself but loud enough so that Veena could hear it. On that Veena giving a smile of victory said, “More is expected and please do not be very careless, we have to be careful and work fast. You will have to keep some files pending until the last minute so that we can say that you are still working on to complete the task. As you now there is no pending task at all.”
At afternoon tea time Kamaal comes to their cabin again as he has ordered for it in their cabin, suggests to Veena that before he leaves the country he wants to talk with Shree.
Ohh, yes, that is important because Shree should know about how to do things after you leave India”, Veena comments. “Brother Kamaal, at present Shree is on tour as you are fully aware, also his mobile is not reachable so we shall have to wait to get him. Even I am trying to contact him but not getting it, hope we can contact him tomorrow”. Veena
May be, Ibna knows how to contact him!” Kamaal remarks in a joking mood but that frightens Ibna sitting on the other side of the room at her desk. “What do you mean by that, Kamaal” asks Veena tersely as she was least expecting this from him. “Well, I am aware of friendship of them and so I know my sister is keeping in contact to him, I have no objection to that however”. These comments of Kamaal gave a very shocking surprise to both the ladies; Ibna looking to her brother with glaring eyes. She looked very much frightened.
Veena however, controls herself and shows no surprise at those comments as if nothing very serious has happened. “Why, do you have any objection to their good friendship? Veena retorts.
I have no objection to their friendship but... Kamaal stops there and changes the subject. This puts the girls on an alert. Kamaal gets up and prepares to leave the cabin looking towards Ibna with a mischievous smile on his face.

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