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Part 58
That conversation disturbed Yamuna very much and that made sleeping almost impossible for her, she remained awake, the more she thought of the young girl’s future the more she became disturbed. Finally Yanuma rose from her bed and slowly walked towards Ibna’s bed; she stood there looking to frail face of the girl and all of a sudden tears dropped down her eyes. Yamuna was more worried about the future of Ibna than may be Ibna herself. Yamuna slowly, as not to disturb Ibna’s sleep, sat on her bed at her cushion and put her palm on her face as if to cajole showing her love for that Arab girl. Ibna was also not asleep to Yamuna’s surprise, Ibna got up and finding Yamuna caressing her realized that Aatyaa next to her sitting on her bed showing how much she cared for her. This realization was rather too much for her and she began to actually cry aloud. In that silence of night that sobbing appeared very obvious. At that Yamuna also could not control her and they together continued crying holding each other in deep embrace. Veena fast asleep was not aware of this and the two women also did not want to disturb her. This continued for how long nobody could realize but after some time they stopped crying and now Yamuna got out of that cot and told Ibna in soft voice that she should take some sleep and left her.
Next day morning, while preparing for the usual breakfast; Yamuna was constantly wondering about how she may be able to save Ibna from the calamity, which is likely to fall on her. The more she thought on it the more she became confused. In the mean time, both girls came out of their rooms and joined Yamuna; that day there was no regular chatting and laughing and cheering up. They quietly sat to eat, Veena opened freshly arrived newspaper and continued to read what was today’ news as if not concerned about her friends ensuing predicament. This indifference disturbed Yamuna; she prodded Veena and asked if she has though about how Ibna may be saved from her difficulty. Veena giving a dry smile throwing her shoulders hinted that she does not know how at all Ibna can be saved from her forth coming problem.
Don’t tell me that you cannot find a way out for this. You are a trained person in business strategies and you can workout a plan to find ways and means to avoid her early departure to her village. If you have any love for your friend, more than that, your sister, you will not show this type of cold indifference to ward her problem. Veena, Ibna’s problem is also our problem; do you understand what I mean by that? I must warn you that I have not liked your this coldness towards Ibna.” Yanuma looked furious; that her reaction amused Veena.
Looking to the eagerness with what Yamuna was blurting out all that she said, Veena was now really amazed for the love her Aatyaa was pouring out for Ibna.
What do you want me to do in this and why all this eagerness?” Veena grilled.
I feel Ibna is more like my own daughter, even though it is a fact that she was not born of me; I feel that I must do something for her and now is the time and you know Veena, if not you, who else can I ask for help on this matter?” Yamuna poured out very emotionally. Yamuna was actually weeping and that touched her; without her knowledge she had tears in her eyes and now she also realized how precious Ibna is to them.
Tell me Veena, my dear niece, can you be comfortable if we hear that Ibna is not happy wherever she goes?” Yamuna was talking passionately.
What can we do? I do not understand but I shall ask Kamaal if he can help in the matter.”
But that could be dangerous if he does not support any of our plans.” Yamuna
We have to take a chance and there is no other way I see for the time being.” Veena
All this conversation was going on in the presence of Ibna but she sat there quietly not uttering a word; however the conversation made her all the more pensive and she kept on weeping, sitting in corner of the dining table. Occasionally, Yamuna, patting on her back, was trying to give her some moral support.
I have a suggestion if Ibna agrees. Then looking to her Yamuna puts her suggestion; can we propose for her to marry our Shree?” Said Yamuna; now looking to Ibna pensively, tying to fathom her reaction. Ibna looked with surprise on her face to Yamuna and a smile shined on her hitherto sullen face. A mixed feeling of shyness, surprise and happiness was clearly visible on her beautiful face. Veena now looked to her as if wanting to dig if Ibna has any objection, there was no objection from her. Her silence spoke more words than the words could do. Veena noticed that Ibna was no more weeping and that was the answer she wanted, she got it.
How can we do it? And will Shree agree? Veena was asking to pester her friend and her friend, now looking confident looked unperturbed on that, as if, already she had gone out of that place and in her dream world.
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