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Part 53
The four women were thoroughly enjoying the trip to the city in that big car. None of them had ever dreamed of traveling by such vehicle. How the journey ended they did not get. They had now come to the tiny room of Yamuna. It was very small to accommodate these four women. Yamuna received them and Kamaal left for his house. Veena had yet not come from her office. All the women insisted to Yamuna that they should go to see the apartment before Veena comes so that they will be in a position to decide about how to do things on the day of opening of the house. In the mean while, they receive a call from Veena, she tells them that Kamaal has told her about their arrival. She greets them all on the mobile and they all talk to her in turn to greet her in return. The atmosphere was of great happiness. Yamuna tells Veena that the ladies want to see the apartment forthwith but she does not know how to go to that place. Veena tells her that she will make some arrangement to help her in that. After some time a call from Ibna they get. She assures Yamuna that she will be coming in a short while and will take them to the place. Yamuna as tells this to the women they seem to be so overjoyed that they literally jump and hug each other to express their joy.
They begin to make preparations for the evening meal so that they can spend enough time at the place. Ibna arrives there and by that time they had finished preparations for the meals. Yamuna receives Ibna and all of them exchange hearty congratulations. Ibna knew them all save little Pakya. He looks to her with awe, slowly shifting him to the side of his mother, Yashoda. And begin to peek at her from behind her. Ibna appreciates his gestures and jumps to catch him. She holds him in her arms so that Pakya sits properly on her forearm comfortably. They converse about many other topics to know more about the city life. In that Veena’s mother was prominent. She was curious about how her daughter is making things in this strange place so easily. After having tea with some homemade snacks they prepare to go to the apartment. They knew of Ibna’s big car but this time she had come in a small car, Nano. This added to their ever increasing curiosity, after carefully observing the car they sit in that car, making them comfortable, and the short journey to the apartment begins.
It does not take much time but for the traffic jams on almost every corner. Throughout the pass the women were watching the city with surprise. Occasionally, they were passing remarks amongst themselves in whisper, appreciating the city. However, Veena’s mother was not very impressed and repeatedly she claimed that the life in their village is definitely more comfortable. On that, surprisingly, all agree this includes Ibna. On that Veena’s mother looks very pleased. It was her time since her daughter had earned all this by her hard work; mother was proud of her.
They reach the building of the apartment. There Ibna spots estate agent, Govardhandas. He also looks with curiosity as the women slowly begin to alight from the car. From the dresses and over all manners he understands that these are women of Veena’s house. With gracious smile on his face he slowly moves towards them and greets Ibna with folded hands. He looks around towards the ladies also, and greets them. Ibna shortly introduces him to the ladies, as the agent uncle, who helped them in the deal. Veena’s mother returns the salutation to him with solemn seriousness and thanks him for his help to the girls. Govardhandas looks very humble and returns by saying that he did not do anything out of the way. That is his responsibility to help them and he is happy that he stood up to that.
The group of ladies moves to the elevator since, their flat was on upper floors. Veena and Yamuna had deliberately decided to have a flat on upper floor so that in case they want to sell it in future they should get better return; this was as per the advice of Govardhandas. He looked very pleased that the ladies of the Mahaale family had come to see the flat. He wanted to play with Prakash riding on Yashoda’s hand. However, the lad was not interested in that and moved his glance away whenever the agent tried to play with him. The floor on which they had flat arrived and they came out on the corridor. It was tenth floor only lower than the top floor.
Govardhandas opened the front door and they entered. Ibna was as much interested in seeing that flat since she was going to stay with the two ladies. All of them the women from Ghatla were amazed at the very sight from the windows of that flat. The wind was gentle and cool; it was end of winter season but still the weather was pleasant. Every room so immaculately furnished with very pleasant furniture that ibna also became surprised to see the d├ęcor in each room.

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