Friday, July 20, 2012


Part 54
They relaxed on the sofa in living room. Yashoda and her son Prakash preferred to stand near the big panoramic windows and they watched the busy traffic of the city from that height. It was a new experience to them. Yashoda was calling now and then Veena’s mother and other women to see the surroundings. They enjoyed the visit. Govardhandas preferred to stay out of that and after some time whispered to Ibna that he would go and handed over the keys to her. He left the place. Now they were all by themselves, without any interference from any body.
Veena’s mother asked Ibna, “Did Veena spoke to you anything about coming here?” Ibna nodded and said, “She is very busy today at the office. She may not come so early; we shall have to wait for her here up till then. Veena’s mother and Charu whispered to each other and decided that if they can prepare something for the meals right there it would be good; so that they can enjoy that evening right in the new house. In the kitchen there was no arrangement for that and so they inquired to Ibna about that. Ibna smiled and said there is no need to prepare anything at home; we shall order for the meals by phone to the hotel nearby and the meal will arrive in no time. Veena’s mother and other women looked to each other with surprise but then Yamuna told them, “That is the way usually people in city do when very busy and not in position to cook meal”.
All these things were new to them and they were in a way enjoying the very idea that meal can come by phone!
They looked amazed at that proposal. Ibna told them they will wait on for some more time and then order for the meals. She also asked what they will prefer to eat.
After that they began to discuss plans about how to make arrangements for the occasion. The date was fixed and Kamaal had told them that he would go personally to fetch the other people. Veena’s mother suggested that it will be good to have other arrangements also so that all friends and immediate relatives can come together. This and more topics were discussed and the time was passing. Ibna preferred to spend time playing with Prakash. It was already eight O’clock and they were eagerly waiting for Veena to arrive. Finally Veena arrived and told that she has placed order for lunch pack for all and they will get the meals soon. On hearing this Charu showed certain amazement. She was wondering how easy it is here in city to get a meal. On that both Veena and Yashoda said it is very common in city to do these things; as people do not have time for preparing meals. On that, all women from the village exclaimed with agreement that they also would like to come and stay in such city where they do not have to do the drudgery of cooking. Every body there enjoyed their comments. Ibna was listening to them with curiosity. She told them, at there native place in Arabia things are not much different from here in villages.
Meals arrived and they enjoyed eating it. All women were carefully eating the food to judge it with there usual preparations; finally they admitted that this food is no better than theirs. They also agreed that under the circumstance this arrangement is best. As time passed night was growing and it was time for them to go to their residence. Ibna suggested to them that, they together should stay there. However, Veena’s mother told Yamuna that they should go back since the threshold ceremony is yet not performed; they should not stay there. Looking to Ibna she recommended that since she is not Hindu that concept is not binding on her and so she can stay back but they cannot; they have to respect the custom. On that Ibna thought for a while and reacted by saying, she will respect the convention and will not stay until the threshold ceremony. This, her behavior, all the women appreciated with smiles, Veena’s mother lovingly patted on her shoulder.
They moved out for their residence.

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