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Part 52
After a couple of days, as they recovered from the injuries and felt all right, Veena and her Aatyaa left Ghatla along with their guests to the city. Kamaal in the big vehicle, his friends had come in, along with them and the women preferred to be with Veena. Ibna drove the car, all the way to the city.
There the next day estate agent was waiting for Veena and Ibna to complete the final procedure to take possession of the flat. He reminds them that the matter is pending since they have not done that final clearance. However, Vena and Ibna were too busy with their office routine to attend on that formality and so they asked Yamuna to accompany the agent.
They knowing the agent Govardhandas did not bother about how Yamuna can manage the agreement. As expected, every thing went without any hassle and at late noon Veena receives a call from Govardhandas that tells her that the deal is complete and they can take the flat and shift there to stay any time. The news goes to Inba and both the girls decide to celebrate the occasion that evening with Yamuna in some good hotel.
Kamaal comes to know of that and he requests the two girls that they allow him to join them. He insists that he would give the party for the occasion and they accepted the idea as girls always like that boys pay for their expenses.
That was a foursome gathering in a good hotel of Kamaal’s choice. The evening spent well; they were most of the time discussing about how to decorate the flat. Yamuna told them that they should call all the family members to the city to grace the occasion. Veena decided to invite her friends from the office Jyoti and Rashmi. Complete plan they prepared to work on. In between, Kamaal was interfering in their talk and ask, if he could help them. That was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Next few days the three women were busy in the preparations. Ibna decided about the furniture that shall decorate the flat. While, the arrangement of kitchen was the responsibility of Yamuna, other things such as curtains, carpet and the rest was the task for Veena. They were enjoying that task; continuously discussing about the many things involved and Kamaal was there as an extra hand to help them.
Gradually all things were coming in proper shape and the flat had already began to take a shape of a well embellished home for the three women.
The day for ritual to do opening the house they wanted to fix and for that somebody had to go to the village to meet the priest and get the auspicious day for the occasion. The girls were very busy in all this and work responsibility of the office and so Veena inadvertently asked Kamaal if he could do it. Kamaal readily accepted the call and rushed to Ghatla. They had no time to inform the village people about his arrival. At the village, they were all surprised to hear of the new development. They received Kamaal well and asked him to stay for some time. The fact that this man was from, another faith never bothered any of them. As if, He had, become a member of the Mahaale family. Kamaal also never felt any difference while doing what he did. He along with Ramachandra, father of Veena, took appointment with the village priest and charted out the plan to perform the ritual. The day fixed was only a fortnight ahead. Priest agreed to accompany to the city to perform the ceremony. Kamaal told them that he will come back to get them at that time. It was all new to Kamaaal and it appeared from his manners that he thoroughly enjoyed that. Finally, mother of Veena shows interest and suggested that she would like to be there to help make all arrangements.
The news of Veena having purchased a new flat in the city spread to that tiny village in no time. Gangubai, Charu, Yashoda all these women visit the house of Mahaales and insist that they should also join to make preparations to celebrate the occasion. The whole village looked as if charged with some inexplicable excitement. There was no talk but of the news, that the village girl has established herself all by her own merits in a remote city. They were very proud of the achievements of their village girl. At the evening Ramnath dropped in to see Ramachandra and congratulated him for the achievements of his daughter.
Some villagers were specially wondering that the Arab young man had come to take part in the occasion. The house of Mahaales was celebrating Diwali in that month of February!
Kamaal told them that he could not stay for long as he has to report to the office and so they decide for the departure the next day. He had a big company of four women, Veena’s mother, Gangubai, Charu and Yashoda of course, with her little child son prakash alias pakya.

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