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Part 51

A group of young men began to scout the farm and they came to the spot where the two were lying. By now, Jamaal had gained some consciousness and was stirring. That relieved the crowd a bit. Yakub was not showing any signs of consciousness and that worried all. Veena and Ibna followed the crowd to see what happened and seeing them fallen in the low laying part of that farm Ibna lost herself and fainted. That was an additional problem to the people there. Veena sat near Ibna to comfort her friend as all others went to rescue the two Arabs. Gradually, men, who are more able-bodied began to gather as the news that wolfs had attacked the boys spread like wild fire. Soon that place collected a big crowd and more men offered to help the rescue work. They prepared a temporary stretcher to carry the two men to the village doctor Date. Veena called Shree and asked him to help her in carrying Ibna to their house. Some other girls had gathered around her also offered to help Veena. They carried Ibna home while other villagers were busy with the other two Arabs, Kamaal was with his friend trying to comfort them but both were not in a position to get what was going on around them. Two villagers were carrying Jamaal on the stretcher while Kamaal and one other fellow lifted unconscious Yakub by holding his hands and legs. Many other had begun to search for the beast that could have attacked the two young people. The feeling of fear spread amongst villagers because many had the habit of sleeping in open veranda of their houses. If any wolf was prowling around then that was a very big risk to them. Some decided that they must kill the beast before it is too late, from the paw marks they could make out that there were two of them that means, they were a couple and that means more wolves may be around the village forest.

At Dr. Date’s dispensary, every body was busy preparing for any operation that might be required to treat the deep wounds the wolf had inflicted on them. By now, Yakub also shows signs of consciousness. That was a big relief to them. After treatment Dr. Date allowed the two to go to Veena’s house saying that, they were out of danger. As both of them recovered from the first shock of the attack, they preferred to walk along with others to reach Veena’s house. Every body was anxious to know how the wolf attacked them and they were trying to explain how and what happened but the language barrier made it impossible. They explained that to Kamaal in Arabic and Kamaal tried to explain it back to the villagers in broken Hindi mixed with English. As they approached Veena’s house Shree and his father came out to receive them. At that, other villagers dispersed and left the place and the two Arabs and Kamaal came up on the veranda and sat on the swing. By then Ibna had recovered.

Veena’s father asked them to rest until they recover the way Kamaal did. They had no choice but to accept that. There they admitted that they had actually disbelieved the news of bore hunting and that their friend, injured in that, but now they understand how dangerous things are here in villages. They told that in there country the only animal they know is a camel, having no other animal they could not believe the story of Kamaal being hurt but now they understand it well and after a pause they requested they would join the team that will go to hunt these wolves just like Kamaal.

Ibna came out and joined the group. There Jamaal, Yakub and Kamaal came to know of her getting fainted, they laughed it away and began to tease her for being so emotional.

Veena’s father told them that they should not take the risk of wolf hunting; that is not as easy as bore hunting. Villagers will not take the risk; and suggested that after they take good rest better leave the village in one piece.

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