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Part 50

It was too early for the family to receive them and they also did not know of the change in the plan of their coming. After a while, somebody woke up and Yamuna could get the feel of some movement in the house. It was Ibna Yamuna heard the whisper amongst the two women, who was telling Veena’s mother about the sound at the entrance. Yamuna loudly called the two, told them that it is them, and pleaded to open the door. While that was happening Veena curious to find out what happened to the other two friends of Kamaal, walked to the gate of the compound and looked around to see if she can have any glimpse of them. It was dark and a small light trickling through the distant farms was not good enough to let her get the view. She saw nothing in the dark and now she decides to return to the house and ask her family to come out and help them. She wanted to give them a good treatment, as they were her guests apart from being relations and friends of Ibna and Kamaal.

Ibna opened the door. The slither with a cracking sound of the door broke deep silence of that night. Ibna pushed her head out of the small opening in the door and peeped to see who it was. In the meantime, mother came with a torch and they saw the two standing at the door. Door they opened wide and it was still very dark to see each other. That commotion was good enough to awake Veena’s father and he came out, put the lights on the verandah. The two women entered hurriedly in the house and told Ibna that the two friends of Kamaal out of which one was her cousin, are waiting in their car outside. Looking to her father, who was still in drowsy mood, she inquired what to do with them.

Ibna realized it and told them that it will be good that they stay outside until morning, at least till Kamaal wakes up.

“Please do not bother about them, let us go back to sleep.” Ibna requested and left to her bed as if not concerned. That her move gave enough hints to others and they also retired to their beds. Lights put off, and the place plunged into darkness.

Yakub and Jamaal were watching the house standing out side of their car and as every thing became quiet they realized that they will have to stay in the car until day breaks. Nevertheless , at the house, due to commotion in the house, sleep disturbed, Kamaal woke up. Looking around he stirred Shree, made him wake up, and asked what was the matter that the others were up to. Shree did not bother for that and advised him to better go to sleep.

Next day as it dawned Veena's father came out on the veranda and looked for the strangers. Shree followed him, Kamaal pushed ahead of them and came out of the yard and began to look into the big car. The three were wanting to see if his cousin and friend are sleeping in the car. To their surprise the car was vacant. There was nobody in it. That matter went to the inmates of the house and there came both Veena and Ibna to see for themselves what is the matter.

Veena wondered how such a thing can happen because she and Yamuna had seen the two Arabs at the night. Where could they go in this alien place. However, Kamaal was very confident of his friends and said, “please do not bother for them. They are not small to be lost and we shall get them soon”. All returned back to house and they were chatting about where they could go. Veena's father assured that his village is a good place and at least they will have no problem if they are moving around. They had prepared for the early morning repast.

Mother told them all, “We shall not take our food unless we find the whereabouts of our guests. Go and find out them”. This annoyed Ibna but she continued silently cursing the two youngsters. She murmured to herself, the sound quite loud enough for other to listen, “They have this very bad habit. They never behave well, creating trouble for other”. Then she spoke to mother, “Please do not bother for them, they are grown up people and very capable of taking care for themselves”.

While all this conversation was on there came a man almost running and looking to Veena's father told that, village shepherds found two strangers lying in the farm near their house. Both looked much like Kamaal, pointing towards Kamaal he said and asked if they had any new guests. This panicked all the people there and they decided to run to the spot. Shree asked about other details of the happening and there they came to know that some wild animal probably wolf seems to have attacked them. News of this had already spread like wild fire to the village and groups of young men began to gather near Veena's house.

Mother yelled helplessly, 'What all this is happening to us?”

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