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Part 49

As night darkness was gradually building up things were not easy so that she can see the vehicle's numberplate properly. They presume that the vehicle is the same as that of Kamaal's friend, Yakub. Nevertheless, they continue the journey.

Both women became uneasy when they realized that somebody is following them. Their entire happy mood was lost and Yamuna became very pensive. Veena now wanted to find out how to dodge that vehicle. The vehicle was plying smoothly keeping safe distance and sometimes lagging so far from them that they lost sight of it. Again, that would come in their sight and this play continued for some time. Yamuna frantically disturbed, asks Veena to contact Ibna and tell her that these friends of Kamaal are now following their car and ask for her advice. Veena suggests to her that she cannot drive and also talk on phone and so tells her to do the call to Ibna and do that herself. As they became excited, the Volkswagen began to run at speed Veena would never think of driving. Yamuna hysterically took the mobile and tried to contact but they could not get the connection her hand shivering out of fear and excitement. As the pursuit by that unknown vehicle continued, the two women of our story decided to stop the vehicle and see what the boys want to do at that. Therefore, Veena stopped the Volkswagen at the corner on one side of the road and told her Aatyaa to prepare for the meal for the evening. Sun had set and gradually darkness was gathering. Things were not clearly visible and to stop vehicle at that was not a very good idea, Yamuna told that but Veena insisted that she wants to see who the followers are. They had parked the vehicle on side of the highway, Veena waiting to see them. They came out and waited to see what that following car does at that point. After some time the big car, they saw, slowly approaching them and Veena was all strength and had planned to warn them if they attempt to confront. To their surprise, that vehicle slowly passed them and at that, they saw that the vehicle was not the one they had suspected to be but a different one with very different people in it. They felt great relief and began to laugh at the way they were excited. There was a sense of relief they began to prepare for the supper they needed now very earnestly.

During the journey, they hardly talked to each other and both continued to keep quiet. Night darkness made Veena cautious and she preferred to concentrate on driving. As they were almost close to the place of the village, again Veena observed one similar vehicle approaching theirs’. However, this time they wanted to keep careful and did not want to make fuss over it, feeling that that vehicle also must be some other one. It was almost 12 O'clock midnight and not advisable to take chances with strangers if any. Slowly that big vehicle came close to Volkswagen. The vehicle had light in the cabin and so Veena saw that the two occupiers were friends and cousins of Kamaal. It was Yakub's car and accompanying him was other friend Jamaal. They also saw Veena and gave salutes of respect to her. They preferred to keep a little behind her car and they continued the journey.

At Ghatla nobody knew of the changed plan and so there was no preparation to receive them. It was almost 1 am as they reached the village precincts. Village was quiet everybody asleep when the two vehicles roared in the place. Veena stopped her car at the gate and Yakub stopped a few yards away on the corner of the street. There was hardly any place to park these two big vehicles. Veena stepped out of the car and looked around to see Kamaal’s friends. She was wondering about how to accommodate these two strangers in her house. She saw Yakub and Jamaal came out of their car and slowly walked towards her. They stood a few steps away from her and kept looking to the humble house of Veena Mahaale. There was no proper light to see around except deem reflections from some distant lights from farmhouses. Yamuna came out of the vehicle and began to walk towards the house and Veena followed instinctively. After a few steps, she looked back and she saw that the two strangers were not coming after them. They preferred to wait out in the night. Wondering about what to say, would it be proper to call them inside at these early hours? She really did not get how to do in such a peculiar situation. Nevertheless, she went on the verandah and again looked back. There was nobody at the gate, probably the two went back to their vehicle and it looked that they preferred to stay put at their car until the dawn. It was a good decision for the time.

Yamuna knocked on the door and waited.

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