Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Part 48

Days were passing and Veena received call from Ibna, both men were now okay and she was planning to start for the city and for that, Kamaal wanted their car back in the village. This was an occasion for the two women to return to the village Ghatla. For all those days, Veena was using Volkswagen and by now she had, learned driving such a big vehicle. During that time, Veena was using that vehicle and she would keep it parked at the parking lot in the office premises. Next day Veena tells in the office the good news that Kamaal has recovered from the wounds and that he will be coming soon and for that Veena would be going to her village the coming Saturday. That news seeps out to the friends of Kamaal. They were always around to get fresh tiding about their friend. Apparently they do not show any signs of their plans but that day when Veena was about to leave for her house as she moves around to see the car she notices that behind her Volkswagen one other big vehicle was parked, the one she had never seen before. She does not take it as anything serious but albeit, Veena gets some instinctive feel that there is something odd that may happen. Why she gets that feel, even she could not get but the feel makes her a little uneasy. Next day again she sees that vehicle parked almost behind her car. On inquiry, she gets no idea about whose car it was but at the office, she gets the information that the vehicle belonged to one of the closest friends of Kamaal. Veena would wonder why on earth, he has parked the car next to her when there is enough parking place at their office in the next building. Curiosity keeps pestering her all the day and as she could not resist, finally her feminine instinct gives her a feel that she mist ask the gentleman as to why he has parked the car there when there is enough parking pace at his office premises. She at the end of the day calls him and after usual greetings, she opens the topic. On hearing her query, he bursts into a big laugh. His reaction irritates her a bit but she keeps cool, patiently wanting to get his reply. After he finishes his guffaw tells her that they know that she will be going to her village and all the friend of Kamaal are also wanting to visit that place and they want to go along. He then told her that they shall be following her vehicle and for that, they have kept theirs next to hers so that as she moves, they will also follow that vehicle and finally assures her that they mean no harm to anybody but they are eager to see their friend at the place where people treated him so well. He also tells her that they are now in constant contact with their friend and he has told them that he is getting very good treatment and that Ibna is looking after him. Before concluding the conversation, he remarked that in the meanwhile they also want to see her brother. Veena felt jittery on hearing that last comment. That made her feel as if the ground under her feet slipping. Veena wanted to talk that matter to her friend Ibna so that she may be able in stopping then from following her vehicle when she will be traveling to her Ghatla. That day was Friday and she had planned to move on Saturday but after getting that information about their plan to follow her, she decides to move out the same day that means on Friday night, so that they will not know of it. Somebody in the office is definitely leaking information to Kamaal’s friend, and so Veena decides to tell nobody of her renewed plan. That day she leaves her office early, going out under pretext that she is going out to visit some client. Veena comes to her house, tells Yamuna everything of the conversation with Kamaal’s friend, and insists that they must move out to their village immediately. She tells Yamuna that they will wait until it is late evening and then Veena will go to the office and move that Volkswagen, bring it here and then they will be off to their village. The plan was perfect but…

Veena was least aware of other things that, Kamaal’s friend had done, to Volkswagen. As planned, she comes to the office premises and waits to see if any body is around near the vehicle. Veena was very tense and, she was breathing heavily. One hand holding on mobile, Veena bents down to hide behind other parked vehicles wait to see if any body is loitering around the vehicle. She sees nobody there and that gives her some confidence. She keeps scurrying near the vehicle finally opens the door and enters in the driver’s seat. She breathes a sigh of relief. Starts the vehicle and as if some thing pricked her she increases the speed so much that roaring sound deafens the silence of that quiet place. She looks back and sees that the other vehicle was standing there, that means her plan had worked and that feeling gave her a very pleasant feel. Veena reaches her house and there they pack up for the journey. Both women were feeling very happy that they have proved smarter than their rivals have. Yamuna could not resist her joy, she was continuously smiling to herself so was Veena. The drive was smooth. They had almost come out of the city limits and there Veena gets an awkward feeling that some body is following their vehicle. Yes, that big car which Veena wanted to avoid was following them at a distance.

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