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Part 47

Veena had to attend on many things in the office that day. It was a busy day for her; more responsibilities had come to her for the new project that her company had accepted for execution. She did not get a chance to inquire about the two men. However, she was wondering about the whole event as she retired for the day at her house that evening.

Yamuna told her that they should contact the village to find out about the health of the two men. Veena wonders about what she may tell if the friends of Kamaal ask her of him. Office expected Kamala to attend the office but Veena told them of the accident in the village, on that everybody in the office looked very worried. However, when Veena told them that Ibna stayed back to attend on him at her house; it was relief to them.

Soon that tiding went to friends of Kamaal that evening and a few of them began to enquire on mobile to Veena. Veena could not understand how to explain to them about how the accident took place. The matter appeared to be a little serious as some Arabs were wondering if it was an attack on their friend because he is an Arab. Veena explained everything to them and also told them that the accident also injured her brother and that there is nothing of the sort as they imagine. However, they insisted to talk to Ibna to reconfirm the story. Veena told them that it is not possible to contact her by mobile, as the facility was not available there; they looked worried and told her that they would like to visit the village and began to ask the whereabouts of that village. All these things put tremendous pressure on her and finally told them that they must trust her story and rest assured that as soon as they are out of danger both Kamaal and Ibna should come to city; until then they have to wait. Reluctantly though, they stopped bothering her and warned her that they shall try to reach Ghatla village anyhow. They left her cabin looking panicked and somewhat disturbed. Veena was very helpless in convincing them of the truth.

Veena on reaching home told of the situation to her Aatyaa and asked for her advice. Yamuna suggested that it would be better if they inform of this to Ibna so that she can contact them on phone from village and explain the thing so that they can rest assured. Both women could understand the feelings of these Arabs knowing the matters around in the world. The advice was reasonable and Veena contacts Dr. Date on his phone, tells him about this development, and requests him so that Ibna should contact her to know the situation. Dr. Date’s residence and clinic were not far from Veena’s house and so she requests him to call her; suggests that she will again contact him after some time so that he will have enough time to call her. Dr. Date tells her that her friend is right there at the dispensary and he will call her right away. Inba comes on the phone and listens to all that and assures that she will immediately contact them to remove any misunderstanding and stop them from harassing her and also proceeding to village.

Veena spends her evening worrying on that wondering what can happen if the misunderstanding should continue. At night, she receives a call from one friend of Kamaal and he begs for pardon, as they had unnecessarily bothered her on the matter. This relieves Veena.

Next day was very busy for Veena and her work progressed satisfactorily. She wanted to know about what progress the two patients are making. In the meanwhile, her estate agent contacts her and informs about the time for taking possession of her new flat. This news gives her some relief. Veena is anxious to inform of this good news to her flat partner but could not contact her during that day. Veena marvels how Ibna would like to know of their first venture, wondering how they made it possible without help of any man from their family, generally all women in the family were telling her that they should not venture in such expensive investment without help or consultation of men around them. Veena’s father had however, told her that he has given her all the fine education and she can dare venture on her own and should not be little by consulting any man.

At home, Yamuna on getting the news of the flat looked over joy; she had no words to appreciate her niece, touching her cheeks, she kissed Veena. For a while, she pondered and told her sincere appreciation for Ibna.

Yamuna said, “Look Veena, this friend of yours must had been your last birth sister, and I feel very much that she is here to make you successful; please do not forget to thank her.”

Veena did not reply but to her own; she exclaimed mutely, wonder whether it was for her or for Shree, Ibna is doing all this.

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