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Part 46

There was an easy atmosphere for some time as the group discussed the way Kamaal caught the animal. Some were laughing on that and they enjoyed the bravery of there guest. The tidings spread to other boys and they began to gather around Kamaal to see him. Amongst them was also Shree Nath. He approached him and whispered, “Are you Kamaal, brother of Ibna?” Kamaal looked to him with apprehension and asked softly, “ShreeNath?” they exchanged smiles and then took each other’s hand warmly. Kamala kept on looking to Shree for some time while Shree was attending on his wounds. He told his fellowmen that Kamaal’s is being seriously wounded and that they should not allow him to go further. He requested Kamaal to return with the boys carrying the bore but Kamaal refused and said he shall continue the expedition and he is actually enjoying the wounds, he further told Shree that he would like to be with him to catch or kill more animals. Kamaal without bothering for what the rest of the team says; began to forge ahead to see more animals. On that, they did not further insist for his return and appreciating his valor continued the expedition. After some search, some boys shouted that they have seen three bore in a ravine. All men tramped on through the thicket in that direction. Shree and Kamaal were the first to reach the spot. After surveying the thick bush inside that ravine Shree saw one medium size bore and he jumped on that animal much the same, as did Kamaal. He caught the animal while doing that, teeth of the bore pierced through his forearm. Kamaal shouted for other boys, they were almost close to the ravine. Some entered the gorge and caught the bore. That was second catch and that gave great confidence to the team. Shree was bleeding through his wound. Kamaal wanted to stop the blood and for that, he tore his shirt to make an emergency bandage and with that, he tied Shree’s hand. Now they decided that the two men must go back before it is too late. This time Shree and Kamaal had to accept the orders of the team chief and they with the help of some other boys left that place hurriedly. They heard gunshots accompanied by sounds of laughter of the boys while they were passing out of that place and that gave them idea that the remaining team has began to shoot down the rest of the bore. That was good news for all of them because that meant the expedition was successful. Shree told Kamaal, “It is necessary to get rid of these animals otherwise farming would become difficult. They destroy crop more than what they eat. In a way, he was trying to justify the expedition. Kamala had no qualm for that killing; he told him that he thoroughly enjoyed that experience and he would like to join such expeditions in the future. On that, they laughed.

The news of the successful catch and Kamaal’s is being wounded had already reached the village and some people with Veena’s father, Veena and Ibna had already begun to track on the mount to see them. They saw the team coming to the village and anxiously both Veena and Ibna ran to the two men to see them. Both the girls were in tears, they could not control themselves. Shree and Kamaal in spite of their wounds were greatly pleased to see their sisters’ love. Together they moved to the dispensary of the only doctor, Dr. Date. Dr. Date admired the valor of them and immediately took them for the treatment. Soon they were in heavy bandages and looked like wounded soldiers from some war. Everything was done properly and while that was about to be completed they saw the other man who was wounded previously; he was sleeping in the inner room. He had a fall in a gorge and that wounded him; because of which, the other team was called for. Dr. Date allowed the two young men to leave the dispensary, as they were not suffering from any infection. That was a good thing but he warned them that Kamaal could not go to the city immediately. He must not take any chances and he must remain in the village for further treatment; ordered for total rest for at least a week. As they left the dispensary they saw other men of the team carrying the other three bore by a bamboo carrier, they told that the expedition was absolutely successful and they need not worry for the crop this year. There was a call for the feast that evening of those bore they had hunted but neither Kamaal nor Shree were going to attend that, as they do not eat pork meat.

There was a problem in that warning as Veena had a very urgent meeting in the office the next Monday and she had to go. Ramchandra suggested that she being an officer of some importance might go while Ibna and Kamaal stay back until they are ok.

Ibna told Veena that she wishes to stay back and look after the two men and that Veena should not worry about them.

Veena could understand how her friend was happy on that freak opportunity that she had to be with her brother, Veena herself smiled squinting to Ibna. Ibna appeared very innocent on the outset but looking to Veena gave a very meaningful smile. They were enjoying the turn of events even though they were serious. Veena coming close to Ibna said on low whisper, “Thank your Allah.”

Hum…” Ibna exclaimed.

The day went busy with other events and the next day Veena and Yamuna prepared to go in the Volkswagen.

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