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Part 45

Kamaal saw the house with noticeable curiosity. As Ibna did not see Shree anywhere around she appeared to be a little anxious, she looked around and then asked mother, “Where is he?”

Mother tells her in a joking mood, “Your Shree has gone on an expedition for bore hunting; here, people often go for such expeditions whenever wild bore begin to pester the farmers by destroying the crop.”

“Do not worry he is not alone.” Mother completed her reply while attending on other things in the kitchen.

“When he is expected?” Ibna

“Any time by the late afternoon” Mother

Ibna looks worried since she did not know of what is bore hunting. However, she prefers to keeps quite. Kamaal comes to know of it and he shows appreciation for that. He then asks, “How far they have gone and if it is possible for him to join the team of expedition”.

Nobody replies to him as he asks it in Arabic to her sister and his sister did not want him to go. The very purpose of coming to the village was as if lost as the man they wanted to meet was not available. While they were talking of other trivial matters just for time pass, a man rushes in and approaches father of Veena and tells him something in a very serious manner. They all gather around that man and ask what the matter is. He tells them that the expedition team has met with a serious accident and some members are injured while trapping the bore, he further tells that there were many bore and they attacked the expedition. On hearing, that everybody become anxious to know what to do. That man tells Ramachandra that the villagers are arranging to sent another group of men to help the first team and asks him to join. Ramachandra is now reading to go but when Kamaal comes to know of that, he requests that it shall be good if they allow him to join as well. There Ibna come forward and requests father that it will not be good for him at this age to go on such expeditions and allow her brother instead to go and he had better remain at home. That suggestion was welcome by all the women and Kamaal prepares to join the team; even though he was absolutely new to them all, they welcome him, looking to his strong built.

Yashwant Pail the chief of the second team looks to Kamaal and enquires about him as to who he is and why he wants to join; this was because, the expedition was very dangerous and it could be fetal also. He did not want to take any chances with this foreigner. Other boys tell him that he is guest at the Mahaales and has joined to replace Ramachandra. One boy tells him that they need not worry for all those legal intricacies as the man wants to join anyway. On hearing that explanation, Patil welcomes Kamaal with a smile. That settles the issue and they begin to move out to the jungle. It was early morning and the atmosphere was very pleasant but the track was dangerous and difficult for this new member of the team. There was no plain ground and people had to jump from one place to other and in that, gradually ascend began that made the going more difficult. Soon they were feeling exhausted. After some difficult terrain they had passed, they heard some shouting from distance; that made it clear that they have come to the spot where the wild bore, are hiding. On that, Patil gave a warning of caution to the team and told that, now on, everybody should be alert since; wild animal may come out of the hiding and attack any moment. Kamaal did not understand the conversation amongst the group but he could make out the import and was skillfully following them. The sound of the other team was becoming clearer and one of the members of this team shouted to them the signal that they are coming to join them. Soon some of the people from the first team became visible. Kamala was also interested in seeing the beautiful scenery of the forest as for him, such environment was novel. He was slightly less careful and at that moment, thorny bush around him gave a crackle. He looked to that direction and there in fraction of a second a wild bore came out and brushed around his legs attempting to push between his legs. That was a shocking experience to him; he could hardly stand while the animal was pushing through his legs and there he fell down in the bush, giving a loud yell. Kamala could not understand what has happened to him. His arms and other parts cut all over, soon the wounds began to bleed. His shirt and trousers torn all over and now were getting drenched in his blood. Other boys were busy looking to the escaping bore; nobody had time to attend on him. Kamala got up of himself, stood with much effort and began to look around to see what is happening around him. The wounds were painful but now he realized that the expedition is not a fun, it is serious business. He saw the bore that had passed through his legs was standing a few feet away from him as if exhausted; Kamaal instinctively jumped on the bore out of fury for the wounds it had inflicted on him and caught it, sleeping on it, holding to it with tight grip. Some boys saw that and alerted all by yelling to other boys; they quickly came to help Kamaal and there they caught the animal and they tide it with ropes. Ever body was please as that was the very first catch. They congratulated Kamaal with warm shake hands. Patil patted on his shoulders said, “You are a very brave man, keep it up.”

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