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Part - 42

Next day office work was as usual and at the afternoon as Veena had no much work to attend to, she suggested to Ibna that they should go to the flat they have booked. Ibna and Veena were moving to the new flat in Ibna’s car and there impatiently Veena forced her question on Ibna and asked, “Does Kamaal know of the friendly relations of Shree and her”?

On hearing this inquiry, Ibna began to laugh loudly in such a manner that it embarrassed Veena. She kept looking to her not understanding the import of her that reaction. “Please stop that and answer my question.” Veena roars on Ibna. Ibna, like the lamb, nods nervously and continues to drive without saying anything. This reaction further disturbs and annoys Veena and she continues to ask the same question.

“OK you are right and I must reply to your query.” Ibna admits and stops for a while as if she was trying to collect words to prepare her reply. Nevertheless, that small pause also further disturbs Veena and she appears to be very angry. Veena then explains to Ibna that any wrong move on her part may jeopardize all their efforts of getting her brothers co-operation and that is why she is worried. Ibna nods again and tells her that she is fully aware of that and for that reason; she wants to take him to Ghatla and show him Shree. This reply further confuses Veena. She keeps on looking to Ibna with question mark on her face.

“I really do not understand all this your behavior, what is the need for introducing my brother to him, what is the advantage in that; questions after questions keep pouring out from Veena.

“I want Kamaal to know everything I wish to do and if he approves of my decision I shall go further in that and if not, I shall leave India because if I continue to be here; I shall never be able to forget your brother. He is my first love, I do not know whether it is correct or not and I want my brother to either approve or reject. This explanation further confounds Veena. She asks vehemently, “How do you feel that your brother will ever accept that, particularly as you are fully aware of the type your people are.”

“Veena my brother is also my friend and adviser. He knows what is good for his sister and even though what you say is perfectly correct, let me tell you my dear Veena, Arabs are slowly changing and they are no more, what they were in earlier times. My father has seen the world and he approves of many other good communities, yours is one of them.”

This reply surprises Veena. She keeps contemplating on all what Ibna had said. After some pause, Veena reminds Ibna of her dream that she saw in their house and asks, “What of the dream you saw in my house the other time you were visiting my house?”

“Yes, that is also a ground reality but I want to rake a chance.” Ibna

“Is it not a big gamble which may turn against you”? Veena

“In life you have to take chances if you want to do something” Ibna speaks sternly.

After some hiatus Ibna looking to Veena with a gracious smile and a twinkle in her eyes comment, “What I understand from this our talk is very important to me, Veena. I am happy to note that you have no objection to my wish for your brother. I thank you for being with me in this.”

“I do not know if Shree has any other plans in this regard and if so; you could be in difficult situation, have you ever thought if his mind?” Veena reacts.

I liked your concern for me, which is why I like you Mahaales. I will be very happy in you family and let me assure Veena, my dear sister, that I promise to keep with the family in all its life, I shall forget my past as all good girls should after marriage. I promise that your people will have no remorse for this relation” Ibna. As for Shree’s opinion, leave that to me, we know each other too well and from that I know Shree is with me.”

“What about your religion”? Veena exclaims.

“I have found my Allah in Shree, you know Veena, my sister-in–law, our prophet has said in his commands that for woman her husband is her Allah, that settles the matter” Ibna.

“Please do not be so sure you have as yet not got approval of your dear brother for your plans and if he rejects, what you shall do”? Veena asks. Ibna does not say anything on that but shows a certain confidence on her face that more than speaks that she shall get the approval.

The confidence in Ibna’s voice shocks Veena but now she decides not to speak of this any further. By that time they have reached the place of the flat, Ibna slowly parks the car, and they move out to see the apartment. They see their agent loitering around.

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