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Part - 43

Veena informs Yamuna of the conversation they had and that the possibility of this Arab girl, going to catch on her brother.

Dear Aatyaa, what do you think of all this development, do you approve of this?” Veena blurts out impatiently. Yamuna was silent and from the way she was contemplating; it was clear that she was thinking over that and would take some time to react. Veena looked worried but within herself, she was feeling some excitement about the idea that Ibna is likely to be her sister in law. Occasionally while preparing for the evening meals she was casting quick look at Yamuna to guess what could be her reaction.

They prepare to sit for the evening meal. There Yamuna tells Veena that they should not have any reaction unless they come to know of what Shree has in his mind for Ibna, she adds that as far as her own opinion goes, Ibna is a good girl and in principle, she does not see anything wrong in the relation. On hearing, this reaction of Yamuna somehow, Veena feels relieved because, within her own mind she always liked her friend even though she was not from their caste or religion.

What about allowing Ibna’s brother to visit Ghatla?” Veena asks Yamuna pensively.

If things are going the way they are going, we have to allow Kamaal to visit our village, let him see Shree and talk to him so that our side is clear.” Yamuna replies firmly.

Veena was excited at the very idea that Ibna is possible becoming her sister in law. Now she wondered about how village people shall react to such an unusual marriage between an Arabic girl and a Brahmin boy!

She went to sleep in those thoughts, as more she thought of it the more she got engrossed in them. Yamuna was also wondering about how this type of relation can work out to be. In addition, they kept murmuring on the subject until went to the beds.

Next day both of them decided to contact the village and inform them particularly Veena’s father that they are going to visit Ghatla next weekend with Ibna’s brother. Veena wanted to inform Shree about it so that she would know in advance, if he has any other idea regarding the visit. Shree did not show any adverse reaction on hearing about the visit. He appeared very composed while talking to Veena on phone. Everything appeared okay, to Veena from that.

That day Veena reached the office a little early so that she may be able to tell her friend about the arrangement that they have made of the visit. Ibna looked very excited herself on hearing of the arrangement and she hugged Veena very affectionately. Everything looked very pretty for both the girls. Veena wanted to know if Ibna is going to tell about the arrangement to her brother, while they were, chatting Kamaal dropped in at the table and joined them. Ibna informed her brother that they are going to visit Veena’s native place that weekend. On hearing, that Kamaal looked pleased. Kamaal looked composed and appeared to be contemplating on the same subject as if he was guessing as to how the visit would be. Overall atmosphere looked quite pleasant.

Now, Veena conjectured if Kamaal was aware of what thoughts were looming in the minds of the girls, was it that he just wanted that his sister be placed in a good company and had no ideas of his sister, thinking of marrying her brother, were in the thought of that young Arab. Veena looked very pensive at those feelings. At times, this disturbed her so much, so that she developed some mild headache.

That day passed so quickly that Veena could not know when it was already late afternoon.

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