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Part - 41

“This is a house of vegans and so no non-vegan preparation will be allowed.” Ibna tells her brother with a smile while preparing some spring rolls using already prepared chapattis and potato bhaji. Kamaal sees how easily his sister was mingling in that place and he looked very surprised. His surprise was evident from his expressions. All preparation was made by Ibna in a short time for all of them and seeing that Yamuna was amused. They ate the refreshments while talking on the subject of apartment in the kitchenette. Kamaal with a smile on his face remarked about the spring roll and said he never could imagine that his sister prepared this using already prepared dish. Kamaal told the ladies that his sister was feeling very unsecured in the city until she befriended with Veena. He further said that he was constantly feeling worried about her as amongst the Arabs, girls are not allowed to go out of the house and work but he said, his father and uncle are not harboring any notion such that can stall the progress of their children whether be boys or girls. He also told that his family is encouraging modern outlook and would always encourage international relations, particularly with Indian. He said that his family considers that Indians are the closest amongst all other people of the world to Arabs. All the while he was talking this; Ibna was busy helping Yamuna in cleansing the dishes and putting them in place. Kamala was watching all those things and looked very comfortable. Veena looking to all these things was confused not knowing how to interpret the behavior of Kamaal. On hearing these comments of Kamaal, Veena impatiently asked him,

“I have read in the books that Arabs are fanatic and do not want to treat other people as equal.” On that Kamaal breathed a sigh and said,

“You have read correct but there are exceptions to rules and as Arabs are mixing with people of other nations they are slowly realizing that their behavior must change for the better so that they shall get better reaction from other people.

On that Veena could not control her, whispered about the extremist activities of some Arabs, and asked vehemently how he takes that?

On that Kamaal looked very embarrassed and showing sadness on his face kept silent. Ibna eyed to Veena and requested through that gaze that she should not continue in that topic.

Then he showed more interest in the family’s farm at Ghatla. They continued to talk on that subject and as the discussion prolonged Veena became nervous thinking that any slip by Yamuna while talking may give out hint to Kamaal about the friendly relations between Ibna and her brother and so she repeatedly attempted to change he subject but to her surprise Ibna continued on the subject and went on describing the details of the farm and how Shree was managing it. At some moments she commented on how nicely Shree manages that farm. She also recommended to her brother while in the discussion that Kamaal, should go to the farm, see it, and meet Shree. This frankness of Ibna, at a time, scared Veena. Kamala looks to Veena and Yamuna and asks if they do not mind his visiting the farm. On that note they decide that next weekend they shall go to the village and see the farm and also meet the people of Veena. Veena continued to feel embarrassment and interrupted to say that her place is not of any international standard and it is quite possible that he will not like it. On that Kamaal retorted that their village is also of not any standard but he wants to see that village to know more about the people from the country. While talking quite often Ibna and her brother were talking in Arabic and so Yamuna often interrupted to know what they say; Ibna would explain that they were telling about the similarity in the two places and that is why her brother was interested in visiting that village. Overall the meeting was very pleasant and the brother and sister left the room in a very pleasant mood. From the way things went at that meeting Yamuna looked relieved as nothing went wrong particularly about the relation between Ibna and her nephew, Shree.

After they left the room Yamuna asked Veena how she feels about the event and also wanted to know about how the visit to Ghatla can be planned.

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