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Part - 40

Both ladies looked exasperated that Ibna has brought with her some man, there never was any man coming in that house and so their reaction was natural. But as the man enters the room Veena sees Ibna’s brother Kamaal, standing in the door with casual smile on his face. He was steadily observing that small room with a chuckle. As he sees Veena in her housedress he gives a big smile, cheese…

Veena frowns at her own casual garb and at once looks to Ibna with certain disdain. Ibna looks oblivious of what mistake she has done by bringing a man in the house of ‘ladies only’. However Kamaal notices Veena’s anguish and immediately apologizes to her by saying, “I am sorry, I should have informed you that I wish to see you two who are going to be my sister’s room partners in the new flat but it so happened that we came without prior intimation to you.”

That apology certainly pardons him but Ibna is not spared. Veena keeps looking to her, expecting some clarification but to her surprise that young girl was unmindful of what she has done. Yamuna welcomes the two, instantly acknowledging that the other man is her brother, their features were telling their relations.

“Welcome to my small home,” Yamuna says in Marathi.

Pointing to the only one chair in that small room, she realizes the problem and helplessly smiles to herself. This irritates Veena more but now she controls herself and showing indifference welcomes the two. Ibna was not new to that place and instinctively makes herself comfortable on the cot in the room, where she would sit whenever she visited them. Kamala stood there next to her and was still observing the small room.

“I am very sorry we do not have suitable accommodation for guests since we never have any”. Veena laments snappishly.

At that Ibna realizes what mistake she has done by bringing Kamaal with her and now looks regretfully. Soon the matter is settles as Yamuna was formally introduced to Kamaal and he tells on that, that he knows about the family in fine details as his sister keeps informing him about everything she does with them. On listening to that Veena looks to her friend astoundingly, wondering if she has also told about Shree and her friendship. Veena decides to get that afterward.

Kamala tells the two ladies that he used to feels very uncomfortable and unsecured until she gets to know of Veena’s people. He says, “I was always worried about my sister’s wellbeing in this foreign land but Veena and her family have given Ibna such a strong feeling of security that he is not anymore worried about her”.

Ibna holding Kamaal’s hand asks him to sit on the cot and says something in Arabic to him. On hearing that Kamaal begins to laugh, he tells the two that his sister is telling him that she has already told to Veena about their home in their native Arabia. Then he softly sits next to Ibna continuously keeping smile on his face, now he looks to the flooring to show his respects to them. Veena has now cooled down and beams, showing that she has pardoned Ibna.

They talked of many topics and now began to discuss as to how the new flat should be furnished. Many suggestions were coming from all of them and while that was going on Yamuna whispers to Veena about what refreshment Kamaal may appreciate, with these thought, go in the kitchenette so that she shall make it while they are busy talking about the flat. Ibna follows Yamuna in the kitchenette as if part of the family and offers to help, saying, “I know what Kamaal shall enjoy.” Ibna ready to help Yamuna goes to sink and begins to cleanse her palms, while telling Yamuna what to make for Kamaal.

On that the atmosphere becomes very casual and impulsively Veena and after that Kamaal gather in that small kitchen and continue their conversation on the flat. They were behaving as if part of a family.

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