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Part 39

That was weekend and they decided to fix on other matters those usually follow the purchase of the new flat. Yamuna and Veena were in a pleasing mood and Yamuna was talking about what other preparations they shall have to make to stay properly in that posh area. They were talking of having a servant girl to look after that big apartment and with that other important things of that type. At present they were staying in a place which did not require any maid to help them in keeping that place in proper order. Things were changing, that Veena had realized and while being happy about it, she was wondering about what more may crop up as her lifestyle improves.

While Veena is in her thoughts, Yamuna keeps talking about which girl they can take with them to that new house as their maid. Veena keeps looking to her Aatyaa without any reaction. Both women were in spirit they had never experienced before. Yamuna suggests to Veena that they should bring a girl from their village so that working with her shall be easy, girls from the city may not be easy to manage, there could be some trouble with a strange girl and so her insistence for girl from Ghatla continued. Veena had no counter suggestion and so they decide that they will have a servant girl from their village. Yamuna was entrusted with the responsibility to select the girl. That issue was resolved amicably. Veena suggested to her Aatyaa that she should think of resigning from her school job and keep home. Veena tells her that Yamuna has worked for a long time and now that Veena is earning good money; it is time that she retires voluntarily and relaxes at home. Yamuna actually likes the idea but does not want to take any drastic step. They continue to discuss about the new furniture and other amenities perhaps, required in the modern kitchen. Yamuna tells Veena that about furniture and kitchen equipments they should also consult Ibna since Ibna is partner in the new home. Veena initially was reluctant but after some pondering realizes that Ibna is better placed in deciding those things; she knows more about these city oriented things than herself. Veena tells Yamuna that they should also consult her other city-based friends in the office like Rashmi and Jyoti, by doing that Veena shall be giving them some importance in the matter and that will surely help in improving the relationship with them. Finally the topic reaches the discussion on whether she shall have car or continue to ply by city transport facility. Veena is of the opinion that city transport is more comfortable and less risky however her aunt rebuffs the proposal and insists that it is time that they have a car, if not as big as that of Ibna, at least a Nano or some other of the smaller types. Veena finally agrees to that but tells her Aatyaa that it shall put additional burden of one more loan. Yamuna nevertheless continues her doggedness so much so that Veena at the end accepts that suggestion. In this way all topics concerning the new home of Veena were resolved amicably.

t was late afternoon and time for tea. Both ladies were busy preparing tea and some light refreshment to go with it. Veena urges they have onion potato bhajias for the refreshment and on that Yamuna talks of how Ibna liked them when prepared last time she was here. This annoys Veena and on that she warns her Aatyaa that she is getting involved with that Arab girl and that may be not very good. On that Yamuna laughs loudly and remarks that the girl deserves all the cognizance with gratitude, she reminds Veena that it is because of her help that they are going to have the flat and one should not forget good deeds of one’s friend. This advice Veena does not like, it was clear from her expression; she keep quite. What Yamuna was saying was correct and Veena for a while feels guilty of her feelings but one mind tells her that she has these reactions for the girl because she may not be in favor for her interest in her brother, Shree. Vena was in a very confused mind on that issue, whether to support the girl on that or not she could not decide however, she had also realized that her Aatya was in favor of Ibna and that may matter if things develop in that direction. She remembers how Shree was kindly to Ibna whenever they were together and the way they were moving in the house at Ghatla. On that she felt embarrassed as to why she has any resistance to their coming closer. While these thoughts were loitering in her mind she overhears a small tapping on the entrance door.

“Who is it?” Veena and Yamuna both shout loudly. Yamuna on seeing Ibna entering the room hints of her coming to Veena and Veena reacts by whisper, “Talk of the devil and it comes!”

Veena peeps out from where she was standing in the kitchenette and sees that Ibna was not alone, there was some man with her; “Who the hell she has brought with her? Veena questions to herself. They had as yet not seen the man but only his big palm that was holding on the edge of the door.

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