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Part 38

Govardhandas was waiting for Veena when she entered the office. While she was preparing to attend on usual office work Govardhandas waited patiently on a sofa in one side of the cabin watching pretty quick movements of the young lady with admiration. As Veena finally settled in her seat he graciously moved to her table and, while still standing, asked if he can broach the topic of the new flat. Veena looked to him and nodded suggesting that he may; on that he took out some papers from his wallet and putting them leisurely on the table told her the good tiding that now she owns the flat they had booked in a Condominium in a posh area of the city. This was a pretty good news for Veena because their bidding for that flat was in the waiting list. Veena looked to those papers glee on her face and then looked to Govardhandas, thanking him for having used his influence to get her the flat. On that politely the senior person requested her that she should take care that she pays all installments in time and keep his honor.

“Please be sitted and have tea.” Veena; she further told him that she has made arrangements with her office so that all installments shall be paid out of her package automatically, and so he should not worry. Govardhandas looked relieved and then he said, “I had anticipated that you, most probably, will make of this arrangement. Thanks.”

Govardhandas prepares to leave her room saying, that he shall come for the opening puja and would prefer to have tea and refreshments on the occasion instead of having it now. Both exchanged friendly smiles. As he leaves the room Veena calls Ibna to her room, to that she promptly answers, on her entering her cabin Veena shows her the papers of the flat waving them in air with a blissful laugh, on that Ibna joins her, Ibna takes the papers and carefully sees them, they were showing that now the flat is in Veena’s name, her name not mentioned anywhere. Ibna smiles to herself with satisfaction. After that Veena calls Yamuna on phone and tells her the good news. After that they were discussing about arrangements of the Vastu puja. Ibna as usual was interested in knowing about what they were talking, Veena tells her to wait to finish the conversation. Veena hangs the phone, looking to Ibna explains to her that on such occasions, in Hindus, a ceremony is performed to pacify the spirits, to make staying in the new place peaceful. This arouses Ibna’s interest, as Veena had expected, she asks many questions but on all of them Veena tells her to be patient and wait until the occasion, in the end she, looking to Ibna, mischievously remarks that Shree will be coming for the ceremony. On that as Veena was expecting Ibna could not avoid her blush. She looking down, avoiding Veena’s glances, presently to avoid being spotted by her friend in her that mood quickly darts out of the cabin. This her move amuse Veena. As Ibna moves out of her cabin now Veena relaxes in her spacious chair gaping to the ceiling of the room keeps wondering about her slow and steady progress from a humble village girl to an elite citizen. She appeared to be satisfied with the pace at which that progress was taking place. She nevertheless does not forget to thank Ibna for her solid support. Her mind cautions her that Ibna has her intentions; but that was not in any way detrimental to Veena’s and so there was nothing to worry about it, her other mind consoles.

That day she wants to skip out of the office so that Ibna will not know of her going home early this was necessary as Veena did not want her to be at the house while she discusses her plans with Yamuna, this was not because they sought to do anything unwieldy or against Ibna but she simply wanted some privacy away from her. To do that she sends a message to her office clerk whom most probably Ibna would inquire when she shall not find Veena in her cabin, that she is going on a visit to some client and would return to office. This ploy, because she did not want the Arab girl to track her and reach her house, spoiling their privacy.

Veena cautiously leaves her room after that and straight heads to her house. She was wondering about what Ibna shall do when she shall detect the ploy and that made her laugh to herself. Ibna, she liked for her innocence however her inquisitiveness about everything, at times, was rather awful. She reaches home and to her surprise Yamuna enquires about how Ibna has not come along. Yamuna tells Veena that Ibna’s nosiness is not to worry about; she told her that the girl is interested in their family so much that she has to know more about it and its customs.

“What do you mean by this Aatyaa?” Veena inquires.

“Are you aware that in addition to her helping us, she has interest in our Shree?” Veena asks.

On that Yamuna chuckles but maintains studied silence and changes the topic. This her behavior flabbergasts her. Frowning, Veena keeps looking to her Aatyaa. After a pose Yamuna murmurs, “I like that girl.”

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