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Part 30

Ibna was correct, Shree Nath was waiting at the entrance of the house, opening it and the car comes thudding in and halts hissing. Veena was now very watchful of the reactions of Shree Nath. While Yamuna was watching the facial expressions of Ibna. Shree Nath appeared to be very na├»ve; he was busy helping remove the bags and other things those were brought by the ladies. Ibna was conspicuously looking very innocent to Yamuna, she was moving around and helping Shree Nath in his work. Veena and Yamuna decided to leave them alone and left the place to get into the house. Veena’s father and mother looked very pleased and they welcomed the ladies particularly Ibna. Mother came out to greet Ibna and that was a kick for aspiring young girl. She looked overwhelmed and simply ran to embrace her. Both looked very thrilled.

Shree Nath carried the luggage inside and the group moved in the house, father with a gracious smile to Ibna asked her how she feels in their humble cottage. Ibna on that blushed, looking away, as if she was trying hard to suppress her feelings of joy. She looked to Veena with some expectations but Veena was not attentive to that. She was rather more interested in the conversation amongst the ladies, her mother and aunt. Ibna looked to Shree Nath but even he was not attentive to her, he was busy arranging the luggage in the room. Every thing appeared very sporty and that boosted her expectations more. Ibna was feeling a very different type of happiness, never found before.

After some time things settled and they decided to have the meeting to discuss the topic for which they had actually come to Ghatla. Veena described about the new house she was intending to purchase and after that when father asked about the financial arrangements she told him and the family that Ibna is going to join her in the venture. On hearing this father and mother looked very confused, they did not know how to react; since this Arab girl had been a big help to them all the time and now this one more obligation. Father asked Veena and Yamuna whether they have considered all the pros and cons of the deal. Even though they were talking in their mother tongue, Marathi, Ibna had smartly picked up all the gist of the conversation and she interrupted by saying to them, particularly looking to Shree Nath that she will withdraw after Veena returns the money to her and until then she wishes to stay with them, as she has some problems with staying at her brother. On that Veena and Yamuna explain to them her nuisance at her brother’s place. That clears any doubts if they had but at the end Veena’s father and mother both admit of Ibna’s great help to them; father tells her that he has no words to thank her for whatever she is doing for the family and promise her that she is no more an outsider but a member of the family. On hearing that Ibna blushes profusely, putting her head down, holding her face in her both palms. Father was sitting next to the girl and he with his fatherly compassion pats on her shoulders gently to comfort her and that excites the girl all the more making her hide herself, she could not sit in that place due to extreme excitement and finds it very difficult to control herself, leaves the room. They all appreciate her feelings, nevertheless, Yamuna is watching all this with a different angle, she was watching the reactions of Shree Nath but he looks very nonchalant. Yamuna apprehends that Shree Nath is absolutely oblivious of the Arab girls feelings and that actually makes her very comfortable.

The meeting ends when mother calls them all for the light refreshments she had prepared for the family. They all collect at the kitchen come dining room but find that Ibna is not with them, on that Shree Nath goes out to see her, Ibna was sitting on the swing on the verandah, and he draws near her, standing close to her he calls her softly. Ibna refuses to look to him out of tremendous shyness but then passionately hold his hand and looks to him. Shree Nath is still not very aware of what was going on in the mind of the girl and casually tells her that every body in the kitchen is waiting for her to join for the meals. Ibna realizes that the young man is not aware of her feelings and on that she feels more attracted to him for his simplicity. The girl is now too much involved in this young man.

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