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Part 31

Shree Nath and Ibna move inside and enter the kitchen together, Yamuna is watching it. Mother and Veena were busy preparing for the meals. Ibna looks very fresh but is not in any mood to talk and so no body wants to disturb her. They enjoy the refreshment and Shree Nath bid bye to go for his work on the farm. On hearing that Ibna reminds Veena that she came to the village to see the farm and know more about that.

Veena tells Shree Nath that Ibna wants to se their farm and wants to know about the farm life, on that Shree Nath readies for that and asks Veena to accompany them as he finds it rather awkward to be with her alone. Veena with a mischievous smirk moves out and the three come to the car. Ibna tells Shree Nath that it shall be better to go in her car as the farm is not very close. Shree Nath beams with that suggestion and they move out to the farm in her car. Yamuna comes out to see them off; she is having a smile but looks concerned about the way things are developing. She decided to talk about the probable intentions of the Arab girl to Veena’s mother as Yamuna feels that these developments might create new problems in the future. However, she decides to keep quiet for the time being. Yamuna slowly moves in side the house as the car moves out of sight.

It was a very rough road to the farm, practically no road at all. With bumps and jolts the car approaches the farm but it cannot go quite near it as there were no proper roads for such a car there further. Shree Nath comes out and requests the ladies to follow him mutely. Ibna sitting in her driver’s seat waits looking around to see the scenery. A very pleasing sight it was, nature was rich with greenery with a thick forests on other side of the farm, some cattle were grazing in the near by ground, smell of wild flowers had filled the weather. Occasional bellowing of cattle and running around of the calves was so enchanting to that girl from dessert that she kept on looking around as if spellbound. Veena and Shree Nath did not say any thing as they realize the situation, that Ibna was very new to such surroundings. They kept waiting for her to come to herself and after a while she did realize that the two were waiting for her. On that she felt embarrassed and bid for excuse but that was not required. Ibna comes out hurriedly, readies by making her shirt, paint proper, stands for a while, and begins to walk along the brother. Sister prefers to keep a little distance from the couple as she has by now fully realized that Ibna may want to say something very private to her brother and she does not want to be a nuisance for them, offering them some real privacy. The passage was not so good and walking on that soiled trail was not so easy for the girls. Nevertheless, they were kept walking and occasionally Ibna would hold hand of Shree Nath for a good support so that with her high heeled shoes she could make some ambling. Veena was watching the couple walking in the front some paces away and she felt that Ibna can make a good partner for her dear brother. They reached the farmhouse soon and that small walk of about a furlong had practically exhausted both girls. They needed to have a seat to be comfortable and here brother Shree Nath offered them a cot woven with coir rope to sit. He flung a thick shawl on top of that cot and smilingly requested them to be comfortable. The girls were very amused about the way he did all that, knowing fully well that under the circumstance there was nothing better than that to do from him.

The farmhouse was neatly kept but the condition of that small chalet reflected the financial condition of the farmer. Shree Nath tells them to relax while he shall take a turn around the farm to see how work is going on. He swiftly moves out before any body may say things. Ibna looks to Veena, amused about the place and tells her that at her village in her country things were quite different. She rejected that place saying that it is terribly hot over there and life is much harder. Walking in sand is much more difficult than walking on this hard ground with ups and downs. Ibna now gets up and readies to move to the farm, her resolve to see the place surprises Veena, she tells her that she would prefer to be at the cottage while Ibna takes a turn around the farm. Veena tells her that the farm is not very big and it will not take much time to see it. On that Ibna warns her that she is not satisfied by just seeing the place but also wants to know about the working of that place so that she can do something to help Him. The way she mentioned Shree Nath in her utterance flabbergasts her. Veena looks to Ibna with a surprise on her face but Ibna seems to have been not bothered and she quickly moves out to see where Shree Nath has moved and start off to the farm.

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