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Part 29

As discussion about going to Ghatla begins Ibna look very pink. That is noticed by the two ladies but they could not make out why; may be that was because she was interested in visiting that virgin village, a place similar to her native place, or may be for some other reason. They were not much bothered for small reactions of the Arab girl. They decide to go to the village on the next weekend. Veena told Ibna that this time hey would not want to take her with them. On hearing that Ibna looked silent but Veena and her aunt noticed that her eyes were filled with tears. The girl was very upset on that suggestion.

“But why I should not accompany to that house, is it because I am a Muslim?” Ibna asks.

On hearing this query Veena feels pity on the girl and tells her aunt that they cannot treat her in this way, she has been a big help and avoiding her really does not make any sense. After some consideration finally Yamuna Aunt accepts her pleading and the matter is settled, Ibna was going to accompany them.

Ibna feels relieved and with a mischievous smile retorts to Yamuna, “If you two had not allowed me, I would yet, come any way, I know the road now; I would be reaching Ghatla much before you two and would be waiting with your family to receive you!” on hearing that they all begin to laugh together, Veena and Yamuna had not thought of this possibility and on understanding it they realized that it was only foolish to avoid Ibna on that visit. It was the coming Saturday that they plan to go as they have weekly holiday for two days.

Ibna looks very pleased on the idea that she is going to that village, but why? Veena was especially wondering on this. They prepare for the visit and on Saturday early morning Ibna reaches Veena’s house and they commence the trip. The travel was as usual very pleasant and they take their typical sojourn on the Ghat for breakfast and move further. Veena was watching Ibna how dexterously she was maneuvering that big car. Yamuna had no interest in that and she was busy watching the pleasant morning scenery around.

Iban asks Veena, “When are you going to learn driving? You do not have to wait to learn driving until you get your car, you can drive mine. Since we are going to stay together it will be good if you learn driving and help me. Veena, it is sometimes very boring to drive continuously. And it is always good to have a reliever, if you learn we can travel together in this car all over and enjoy more.” On hearing that Veena promises Ibna that she will learn driving in coming season and be help to her in driving whenever they go to Ghatla. On hearing this comment of her friend Ibna laughs loudly. Yamuna was not very attentive to that conversation but as Ibna puts her next question to Veena it becomes interesting to her.

Ibna asks Veena about Shree Nath, she wanted to know if Shree Nath knew driving. Veena tells her that her brother is busy tending the family farm and has not had much time to learn all these skills. She innocently tells about the hard work he is doing to save the family from many financial turmoil. Ibna is listening to the exposé intently and that Yamuna observes; with her keen feminine sense she gets the smell of what was brewing in the mind of the Arab girl. Yamuna was getting the hint very appropriately and she actually had that hint very early at the time of the last visit but she had kept silent as that was not the opportune time to talk of it. Yamuna was wondering how it could be if this foreign girl comes in that Brahmin house as Shree Nath’s spouse. She smiles to herself, the girls are not aware of her reactions, they were busy chatting about Shree Nath, Ibna tells Veena that she wishes to visit their family farm this time and would like to see it with her brother so that she can learn something of the farm life. Veena promises that they will visit the farm and it shall be easy sine the car can take them quickly to the farm. Farm was considerably away from their house she explains.

Yamuna is now more alert about the conversation of the girls but decides not to interrupt. They soon reach the precincts of the village and Ibna with a smile on her face blows the horn of the car to inform of their coming to the family. That horn was special and could be heard from distance. Shree Nath had appreciated it at the last meet, Ibna knew it. They entered the gates of the village and continue drive to reach the house of Veena.

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