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Part 28

How to open the topic was their first difficulty. But Ibna being very talkative and friendly type of a girl opens up the topic and tells Yamuna about the meeting they had with Govardhandas. This makes things very simple and then the three ladies sit comfortably and begin to discuss about why Ibna wants to join Veena and her aunt, leaving her brother. Ibna explains to them the problem she experiences while staying with her brother.

“We are not supposed to ask but I think it is good that we know of your problems with your brother.” Veena

“My problem with him is typical of the problem between a man and a girl. Even though Kamaal is my brother and there is no trouble between we two, the problem begins when his friends keep coming and even staying at our place. I told him several times that he should keep his friends out of the house but, you know, Veena, these men are so adamant and simply do not care to listen to me. At times he tells me to manage my problem.”

“How to manage it, you tell me?” Ibna asks telling the facts about her problem.

This in a way clears the minds of the other two ladies and they realize that they should be considerate to her and allow her to join them.

Yamuna after a pause asks Ibna, “What type of friends are they? Are they causing you some direct inconvenience?”

“What do you mean by direct? Counter asks Ibna with a smile to Yamuna while sharing a piece of cake.

“I mean to ask, do they refer to you while talking amongst themselves or any other such affront?”

“They never talk about me at all and that is not the issue, as my brother shall never allow such an affront at any level; but the problem is that I cannot share the living room or even our kitchen when they are around. Worst part is that I have to move in the house with all that covering!”

“I hate burkha so much but our custom demands that when other men are around it is mandatory that woman wears it and covers her so completely that even a small part of skin is not visible. It suffocates me, you can imagine my troubles. Particularly when they are in kitchen the problem is very horrid.”

“Do they pass comments so that hints at you?” Veena enquires with curiosity.

“That is not possible, but they are all our community people and know of us well and they are there in our house to see what we two are doing. You know they pass information of our activities to other people of our community and that I do not like at all.”

“This is every where; in our people also relations keep dropping in the houses to find out what is going on in houses; that is a common problem of interference in all people, you cannot avoid it.” Yamuna

“I appreciate your concern that you have to wear this burkha even in the house and that is not good.” Veena.

Both the ladies, Veena and Yamuna exchange their glances and come to some conclusion, which was about the acceptance of Ibna’s plea that she can join in the flat. In addition to that it was a big help to Veena that she was going to share the expenses and Ibna was not going to join for free. So that was not a liability but in stead an asset to have her.

Finally Yamuna asks one more question to Ibna as to whether her brother shall visit the flat and if he does what to do if he comes with his friends.

This question brings some laughter in the three and Veena looks to her friend with expectations.

Ibna assures them that Kamaal is a nice man and at best he is going to be man’s help to all of us and you should look to him as a help and no danger. Moreover, his friends are not bad people.

“I know for certain that Kamaal shall never come with his friends to our place.” Ibna

“Veena asks, “Will you have to wear burkha on their visit?”

“I can keep without burkha at your flat as that is not my place.” Ibna

“How you say that is not your place? You are making sizeable contribution.” Yamuna retorts.

“My brother will never know that I have put my money in that flat. I do not want him to know of all our deals.” Ibna.

With a mischievous smile Veena warns Ibna, “If I refuse of your partnership? What you shall do?”

Yamuna clearly shows her displeasure at such a comment and rules it out by showing it on her face, she was about to scold her niece and there Ibna reacts in a very friendly way and says, “I shall forget my contribution and leave the place.” Ibna was looking very serious on that.

Yamuna now scolds Veena for her objectionable remarks and reassures Ibna, “please do not take this stupid talk of Veena seriously; nothing of the sort is at all possible.”

“I know it, I have been with you people for some time now and that has given to me a clear idea about reliability of you people, I am not bothered about all these things.” Ibna

Veena wants to change the topic and asks the other two, “When shall we go to Ghatla to talk about it to my father and mother.

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