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Part 27
Veena thinks for a while to weigh down the various possibilities in case things go wrong but somehow she feels that Ibna is not somebody she cannot trust. Finally the two girls decide about the partnership option and are now ready to meet the two men. The agent and his aid join them and the other person softly talks about the various loan schemes at banks for home loans. The two girls do not disturb the man and allow him to pour out all the schemes of banks. After that they look to each other and Veena opens up the plan they had thought. This plan of Ibna was immediately accepted by the other person however, Govardhandas looks a bit skeptic about it. He looks to Ibna intently and shows his disapproval to Veena mutely by just twisting his lips in resistance. He was definitely hinting at the religion angle as he being an elderly person from other type of Brahman caste suggests to Veena that it is better that she consult her aunt Yamuna before any final decision is taken. That meeting ends without any decision against Govardhandas’ disapproval of Ibna’s offer.

The girls come out of the place and stand out while the two men move away quickly to attend other appointment. While moving away from the couple of girls, Govardhandas looks back to Veena and waves hinting to say, “Be careful my child!”

The girls were in no mood to say anything to each other but some decisions has to be taken and Veena had no pang of conscience against Ibna, she had by her own conviction already rejected the doubts Govardhandas has raised but as Govardhandas would not allow things to move unless he get approval of the senior lady, Veena knew for certain that the simple ritual of getting approval of her aunt cannot be avoided. She looks to Ibna to find out her reaction. Ibna appears to be oblivious of Govardhandas’ remarks as he was talking in the language the Arab girl has yet not learned. Ibna actually looks baffled and hints to Veena to understand what went wrong. Veena feels very sorry of the innocent Arab girl and lovingly puts her arm around her collar and they begin to move out. Ibna finally becomes impatient and asks Veena what was the decision. Veena tells her in consoling tone that the old man suggested that before any final decision is taken she must consult her aunt as her aunt is her guardian even though Veena is grown up enough she being a woman is always under some supervision for her own good.

“Ohh, that is all”! Ibna exclaims with great relief. “I was wondering for some wrong things but as you say, it is very good that we consult aunt Yamuna, she is our elder and we should and must consider her opinion on such vital issues, Veena I am approving of the advise of the old man and I think we should move forthwith to your house and sort out the mater with aunt. I am taking out my car.”

They move to Veena’s house and reach in time to get Yamuna on the road. They pick her up and three go to the house. All the ladies were very tired; Yamuna had come from her school. Veena goes in to refresh herself and Yamuna waits on Ibna, chatting. The two talk in broken English as Yamuna’s English is not up to the mark. That did not matter because ever since Ibna’s visit to their village both the women were very friendly. Veena comes out and tells Ibna if she wants to relieve her and become fresh, saying, “Now we have to begin being together so you may make yourself fresh and then we shall open the topic with Yamuna”. Ibna really wanted to relieve herself and promptly prepares for that. In the meantime, Yamuna had prepared some eating and they sit together to discuss the matter.

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