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Part 26

Yamuna and the baggage are left to her house and the two rush to office. The day was very busy and they had no time for any chatting. At noon estate agent Govardhandas comes to see Veena. He tells her that he has talked to the builder and the arrangement for installment payment is possible for the flat Veena had liked. This tiding pleases Veena and she begins to think about how to arrange for the remaining funds to pay first installment. Veena requests Govardhandas to meet her after the day is over so that they can sit in a restaurant and sort out plans for the purchase of the flat. Govardhandas goes and here Veena is now in a different but jubilant mood looks around to see if her friends are near by to tell them about this new development. For her dismay there was nobody to share her first joy, she goes in the office and sits quietly envisaging about her new home.

At afternoon time about 4:30 pm she leaves the office and moves to the restaurant as planned. She phones to Ibna and tells her about the new development. On hearing that Ibna requests her that she would like to accompany her at the meeting as Ibna also wanted to invest some money in a flat. She tells Veena that she has taken new ideas from her and that now she also wants to stay separate from her brother. She tells Veena, “I want to be truly independent like you and want to enjoy my stay in this democratic country.” Veena nods for her request and there Ibna immediately packs her stuff and quickly move out to meet Veena at the ground floor foyer.

Both the young ladies are now moving swiftly to that restaurant. They see Govardhandas waiting for them at the entrance of that bistro. There was one more person with him. They noticed the two girls and with a genial smile he welcomes Veena. On meeting, Veena introduces Ibna to Govardhandas. She tells him that Ibna is also interested in a flat for herself. This makes Govardhandas a bit joyous and it reflects on his mature face. Govardhandas introduces his accomplice as his aid in fixing the deal. They sit comfortably in the eatery and Govardhandas orders for some snacks and they commence to discuss the matter. Ibna was very careful and listening the talk intently. Staying in the city had naturally taught Ibna some local terms and so she could follow the discussion. The other person opens his brief and takes out the plan of the building and over that plan they are trying to decide about which flat could be suitable for the lady. Veena tells them that presently she is alone and most probably she will be joined by her aunt. Govardhandas suggests while talking that it is better that she insists that her aunt comes and stays with her. After other things discussed in length the most important topic of payment and mode of payment comes up for the discussion. Veena frankly tells the two men that she does not have any cash as she had just paid for her previous loan and so if a loan from bank can be arranged it will be good. The two men moved out for a while requesting the girls that they would like to sort out some things amongst themselves so that some workable loan proposal can be arranged. As the two men move out and stand a distance Ibna moving her face very close to Veena as if she wants to whisper to her right in Veena’s ears and tells her in a very low voice that Ibna would like to join Veena in the flat if she has no objection.

Ibna suggests, “I want to recommend that we together can book the flat and stay together with your aunt. I can share the half burden; that will reduce Veena’s liability to a great extend. Veena my brother will never allow me to stay alone but if I tell him that I am staying with you along with your aunt he would accept the idea. Do you have any problem with this offer?”

This suggestion was most unexpected by Veena and on hearing it she looks greatly relieved. Veena looks to Ibna and holding her hand in hers pressing warmly smiles to Ibna and by movements of her eyes suggests that the idea is simply great. Veena had actually begun to like her Arab friend regardless of her being a Muslim girl and Veena a Brahmin. Religion had no place in their relation.

Veena asks Ibna, “How shall you arrange for the money?”

With added enthusiasm Ibna looks elated and patting on Veenas shoulder lightly again whispers, “I have enough money to pay for the flat in one down payment. I would suggest you had better not taken any loan at all. You can pay for the share of yours to me slowly, that will make things much better for you and you know Veena, I want to be with you and your family anyhow. Please do not refuse my offer. By doing this I can keep my brother satisfied that I am in good company. You shall pay every month as the salary comes and over and above Veena, my dear friend I do not want any interest from you. I know you are a proud girl just like me and so I shall take that money so that you can be comfortable at your mind. The flat will be in partnership when booked even though you may not have paid any money to me.” The suggestion was a little too good for Veena and she looked stunned.
In the mean time the two men came and joined them.

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