Monday, September 20, 2010


Part 25

Early morning the three pack up and prepare to leave. Sudhakar, brother of Veena comes out early, sees the big car, and finds that during yesterday's marriage procession lots of children and other people had touched the vehicle so that there were many stains of fingers. He decides to clean the car and gets a bucket of water and a cloth, commences to clean it. The more he cleans it the more he likes that big car. He finishes the cleaning, keeps the mats and other things in place, is about to move away and there Ibna comes on the veranda, looks the spick and span car, and is delighted. She sees Sudhakar, she has curiosity for the young man who spoke very little during their encounter and so wanted to meet him. Ibna moves instinctively towards the car and Sudhakar and holds him by arms and before knowing what she was doing she plants a kiss on his cheek. The sudden bump into of Ibna astound him and he takes a back but very next moment he returns the kiss by holding her face in his powerful palms and he presses his lips on hers. They are in that posture for some time, nobody knows, but then both realize the situation and quickly separate away looking to each other. All that happened was not planned but spontaneous. Both understand that they like mutually. Ibna reflects giving a shy smile and now she is afraid of what happened in them. Sudhakar being a man is having different reaction. He whispers to her in English, "I am sorry, while it happened naturally"! They separate and Sudhakar holding the bucket in one hand throws the towel on his shoulders, moves to the veranda. Quickly climbs the steps and is about to enter the house, Veena and Yamuna come there. They do not know what had happened within the two young people. Ibna had just controlled herself and was standing at the driver's door of the car, looking nowhere. Veena and Yamuna are followed by father and mother and they come on the veranda. The little puppy was standing close to Veena to bid goodbye to her, wagging his tail and muttering some low growl, Veena senses the need of the puppy and lovingly picks him up and gives a kiss. Now they have no time for other things to do and so they began the final ceremony of bidding a bye. The three occupy their seats and the big green car, moves, but Ibna stops the car and now she wants to know about where there is a petrol pump nearby. There Sudhakar again comes on the veranda and there they see each other. Ibna wanted to ask about the pump but instinctively as though Sudhakar tells her the exact place where she can find one, he tells, "Not very far from the check post of the village, as you turn towards north in about five minutes you will see one gas station". Ibna is surprised to see that already this man has begun to read her mind. This experience was new to her.

They again start the vehicle and now they are moving out of the compound of Sudhakar's house. Soon they reach the check post there they see some people waiting to say happy journey to them. That was really very delicately emotional thing for Ibna, they were thanking her for her car. Interesting enough Mr. Prabhakarpant was amongst them. This actually surprised both Veena and Yamuna. They moved on. The hospitality and warmth that the village people had given to Ibna was deeply moving her. But more than that the kiss of Sudhakar. She was cleaning repeatedly her lips with her tongue and each time she did it she enjoyed his touch as though it was still very fresh. These thoughts had made her very sensitive, so much so that she stealthily looked to Veena as if Veena might get to know what had happened in the two young people. Veena was completely oblivious of this and so she was busy watching to see if there they see the gas station. Ibna speeded the car and there Veena notices a petrol pumps and warns about it to Ibna and on that she squeezes the breaks so hard that the car shrieks to holt. They get the diesel and move on.

Thoughts of the village and other things of that place are gradually replaced by the thoughts of the office and the city. Yamuna had not taken a good sleep and so she resting her head on shoulders of Veena takes a doze. Everybody is silent since there was nothing to talk on but Ibna was very anxious to know of the young man; the fear that Veena may suspect something and may get the mouse, she is now wondering as to how to broach the topic. She decides to let time pass and the idea that the topic can be taken up on some other opportune time. This relieves her somewhat and now she concentrates on driving. Veena tells her after some time that they have enough time and so Ibna need not speed the vehicle. The breakfast brunch was packed with them neatly and they decide to have it as they go to the same spot.

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