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Part 24

Hello friends, there is a measure change in the schedule of postings on this blog. I shall be posting new episode every twenty days in place of ten day. This change is required because I am preparing for my Doctorate in philosophy and for that I need time. So next episode Will come on 10Th September. I shall resume regular timing after finish my work on that project. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That was the house of Charu and moneylender Ramnath, Gangubai was sitting along with some other relatives of the couple and there Charu was condemning her husband for spoiling the matter of Veena. Ramnath is trying to explain to Charu how the game was spoiled by that Arab girl. But nothing could satisfy her and she keeps on blaming him for loosing that Veena on whom she had planned many things. Gangubai was looking to the couple alternatively and was very keen in listening all that was going on there. In the meantime Prabhakarpant comes in the house. This man is elder brother of Ramnath and father-in-law of Yashoda, Veena's friend. Charu wanted that Veena marries her son Vishwas but over the period this boy was in bad company and is spoiled and the village knows about it and so Ramchandra is no longer interested in that marriage.

Prabhakarpant let know Ramnath why he came to his house, "I want to propose to Ramchandra that he accepts my daughter Shweta as his daughter-in-law, how you like the proposal. This disturbs Charu all the more because on one side the proposed marriage of Vishwas is as good as cancelled and on that her brother-in-law has come to propose that his daughter be given in that house! She starts cursing herself aloud so that they all see and hear it. The complete atmosphere of that house was uneasy. Looking to the situation Gangubai prefers to leave the place and bidding goodbye to Charu, patting lovingly on her soft shoulders, she moves out. Gangubai is now equipped with a lot of spicy news and so she was very anxious to share it with other women of the alley. Typical of women she with a smothered laugh wants to go to the house of Veena's mother.


After coming from Ramnath's shop the family of Mahaale looked relieved of big burden and at the same time terribly tired; all the same they collected in the living room and Ibna joining them, began to discuss the whole issue one more time. Here Ramchandra with curiosity in his eyes asks Veena, "Veena, did you have any idea about what could have been the promise that Ramnath may be wanting to extract from me"?

Veena beamed on that question and lowering her towards her mother she spoke in low voice, "When I met Yashoda at her house she told me about the new avatar of Vishwas, that he has taken to bad company and warned me that I should be very careful because Charu and Ramnath are wanting to get him married early so that it may recover him. And that they want to get me as his wife, Ramnath was expected to put Baba in a dilemma by using this loan as a temptation".

Ramchandra heaved a groan on hearing that. He looked very pleased at the way things turned up. He looking to Ibna with gratitude folded his palms in namaskar and loudly thanked her. On that first the girl did not understand it but quickly she waved her both hands and returned the thanks, she told Veena that she had done nothing so great in helping her. The atmosphere of the house was now very congenial, everybody was appearing quite happy that the loan matter that was virtually eating into them is finally over.

With renewed vigor Ramchandra enquired to Veena what are her plans now as the measure hurdle is over. On that Veena tells him her plans.

They kept chatting for quite some time and as the night grew, Yamuna ordered them all that, tomorrow they have to go back to city and so they must go and get some rest.

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