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Part 19

The journey was wonderful, Veena had never seen the surrounding of the roads those show the way to her village in the manner she was seeing that now. They were moving at great speeds as the road was very clear of any rickety traffic at that early hour. Ibna had put on a player in her car and on that it was playing an Arabic ethnic song, never heard of; by both the women and that was added fun in the journey. Yamuna was sitting next to Ibna and curiously watching how the young girl was dexterously controlling the big car. She was all pleasure, never had imagined that the going to Ghatla could have bee such fun. Yamuna nudged Veena softly to show her approval of the arrangement, which was of not her niece’s design though! Albeit, Veena was pretending to have been nonchalant, in fact she was also feeling very good that they were taking Ibna with them or rather Ibna was taking them to Ghatla. Veena was now thinking of car; previously her thoughts were mostly involved in purchasing a good apartment and that in a decent locality, most of the time she was wondering about her new house but now after the experience of this car of Ibna, Veena had begun to veer thoughts for a new car of her own. That may not be as specious and luxurious as this on but some good vehicle and to move in it! Veena had developed a new sensation about cars. She had begun to look at cars around on the road to decide which one will be her choice. This new experience gave Veena a very different outlook. Her way of thinking was gradually changing and she was becoming a different personality. From a simple na├»ve village girl Veena was metamorphosing herself into a very different woman; this was going to make many more alterations into her persona. At times she was wondering if all these changes are going to make her an alien to her own people at the village. She knew people at the village were having an open mind for a few types of changes but she doubted if they shall accept all the changes those are likely to happen in her aura. Veena was deeply mooted in her all these and more thoughts, occasionally thoughts of repayment of the bothering loan were prodding her but by now things were easing down as the repayment was almost complete. However the painful reminiscence of how that loan had made life of her family at times miserable. Even though the moneylender had never ever reminded them about the loan or never had bothered them for the repayment of the loan, her families own scruples were the main trouble; the idea that they owe some body a big amount of money and that they have to any how repay it in time, bothered her honest and simple father and mother and in turn it bothered every body in the family. The loan was taken for her education and so Veena was at the very center of the issue. All these memories slowly moving in front of her eyes and finally the way she had recovered and began to payback the installments gave her a pleasing relaxation, Veena was smiling to herself with satisfaction that soon the liability will be over. She remembered the way Charu was thinking that some day Veena will become her daughter-in-law. At that thought Veena chuckled. It was a very loud chuckle, attracted attention of the other two women. While driving Ibna looked to her and asked by a gesture, “what is the matter”? Yamuna was in her own thoughts. Unmindful of Ibna’s reaction. Ibna realized that Veena is in her thoughts and continued the driving. After some time Ibna broke the silence and asked Veena if she can drive. Veena did not reply for some time and on nudging by Yamuna become conscious that Ibna was asking something.

“Sorry I was not attentive to you, please say what you asked.” Veena put up.
Ibna repeated the question and Veena shook her head to say “No”.
“I shall learn when I shall have my own car”. Veena gave a very clear reply. Both the girls exchanged a smile and on that Ibna suggested that she should learn even if she does not own one. “Knowing the skill of driving is an added advantage for your type of position”. Ibna added.

Yamuna though not very conversant with the language, could understand what the talk was and added her opinion to that, “Ibna is correct, you should learn driving, any way you are going to have one sooner or later”!

They were moving at great speed and suddenly Ibna slowed the vehicle. Veena and Yamuna could not understand why and so looked enquiringly to her. Ibna with a gracious and a little mischievous smile told them that she feels hungry and is now looking around by slowing the car if there is any joint where they can have a grub. On that Veena looking to Yamuna asked, if they have any eatable to be served as breakfast, as Veena herself was also feeling hungry since they had moved at the early hours such that they did not get any time to have a brunch. Yamuna told her that the breakfast is ready with her and can be served if required. Veena looks to Ibna and asks “Aatyaa is ready with some grub and will that be alright for you”?
“Wow that is fine arrangement for me. I shall have the home made food for the first time ever since we left my country”. This sign of approval by Ibna made things very comfortable and they decide to have the brunch on way by the side of the road at some suitable place.

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